QuickPeek: Drizzle. Flat. Overcast.

We were pretty darn tired after yesterday’s ride in the heat. The weather changed completely in the evening and rained like a madman. Luckily we had Fernando & Katya’s place for shelter and I slept like a baby. in our original plan, we wanted to get to Sao francisco today and that was a 80 km ride with a ferry in between. We thought about it and decided instead to split it into 2 40 or so km days and take it easy on the system. So it was ok to have a late start, heh.

We were up around 8 and Fernando made some b’fast for us. Lovely! We chatted while eating and it was fun hanging out with him. As we were about to start, a rain came in again and we had to rethink our decision. But the rain wasn’t heavy and it seemed sensible to do a qiuck 40 km and find a hotel to rest in and head to Sao Francisco the next day. So we started the day in a mild drizzle.

The heavy rain stayed away, but we had a gentle drizzle all day long. This was great as the weather cooled down considerably (almost 18C lesser than yesterday!!) and the flat road made the ride easy as a breez. We had to contend with some head winds, but it wasn’t too bad to be honest.

We rode into Itapoa and found a restaurant for lunch. We had a discounted price since we were vegetarians and we had a pretty huge meal before heading out again. Once at the south end of Itapoa, we wanted to find a fisherman to get us across the bay. This was a port area and seemingly a bit strict on fishing boats doing impromptu trips and we were not lucky to find a ride. We had an option to back track 5 km to find a place to sleep or to go forward 15 km on sketchy road to the ferry terminal. Hmmm. We had already done 40 km for the day, but the legs felt good and we decided to go ahead while the weather was still overcast.

We passed thro the spiffy new port and a small fishing village and took the turnoff to Villa De Gloria. The route was mud road and pretty wet in spots that made riding pretty sticky. But over all it wasn’t terrible as the mud was compacted and we rode slowly towards the next village. the 10 km took more than an hour and once we hit a community, we looked for places to stay. Turned out we had a few more k’s to go before hitting up the ferry terminal and we continued on.

We found a tourist friendly community near the ferry terminal and nice family run guest house offered us a place to stay and gave us dinner too. Sweet! It was slightly longer than expected, but a good day of riding day #666.

Track Notes

Route: Guaratuba to Villa de Gloria
Distance: 65 Km
Road: Asphalt. Good shoulder. 10 km of compacted mud from Itapoa to Villa de Gloria
Traffic: Moderate to None.
Services: Numerous.
Expenses: SG$ 19.00
Comments: In the right weather, the 65 km felt like a breeze.