QuickPeek: Rest. Tourism.

The day we were expecting storm started pretty clear, Dang. But as the day progressed, the skies got gloomier and I had a contact with our host further south who confirmed that the weather was pretty tempestuous and it was a good thing that we decided to stay back.

Once we missed the early morning boat on Friday going towards the villages of Maruja / Ariri, we were committed to staying on for the weekend as there were no more boats heading out till Monday. Ah well. Jonas told us about a music event going on in town and we figured we might as well check it out while we were around.

Our Portuguese being pretty sketchy, we had little mis communication about the event. We were under the impression that it was a village gathering and public performances in town. We were eager to head over and watch them. In the evening though Jonas told us that the event was happening in a different island (just a free boat ride across) and we decided to go and take a look. The boat ride across was quick after a short wait for the barge to show up. It was 8+ and we were told there was a bus to take us to the other side of the island 4 k’s across. However the bus wasn’t running after dark and we decided to walk down.

We luckily got to hitch hike our way and when we got to the venue it turned out to be a more organized ticketed event and the tickets at the gate was 3 times the asking price in town. We didn’t even know that they were selling tickets in town. Bummer. The show was not on and we didn’t have any camping equipment and so after a short walk about the beach, we decided to head back. On our way back we met our previous host Leonardo who was heading to the concert himself! Small world indeed.

The next day was gorgeous with some stunning blue skies and a stark contrast from the previous days. Jonas had a few more guests for the weekend and asked us to join the group to a ride up the road to Ariri to visit some waterfalls. Given the day was super beautiful, we couldn’t resist and we joined them. It was a nice excursion and it was nice to take a dip in the icy cold water in the warm day! We had a nice lunch and hung out and by the time we returned it was nearly 7. We had an opportunity to go back to the music festival, but we were tired after the long day and decided to call it a day.

Sunday was relaxing and we hung out around the hostel playing with the dogs and reading up. I hope tomorrow would be a clear and dry day as we head out south on the boat.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 49.4
Comments: We missed the music festival, but ended up in an icy waterfall instead!