QuickPeek: Gravel road. Drizzle. Abandoned ride. Kitty Rescue!

We woke up to a mild drizzle but we were ready to hit the road and decide to brave the rain and hope for clear weather as the day progressed. We had a quick b’fast of leftover soup and Crapioca (An awesome pancake made out of tapioca flour and eggs), yummy!! We hit the road at 9 as the weather mellowed out a bit and the day looked promising. We bid farewell to Jonas, who

We rode out of town and made our way to the barge terminal. This was a small barge that would take across for free! Nice to have special treatment for cyclists and pedestrians eh! The barge was once an hour and we had to wait for 30 mins to get on one. In the meantime the rain came down heavily and I had to get on my complete rain setup to stay dry and warm. Once on the other side, we headed on our way to the next town and the turnoff to Ariri. The road was lovely and the route pleasant.

Once we got to the turnff, the road turned out to be a combination of gravel and mud and it was slow work to get going. The rain had stopped and the weather looked great for the rest of the day. However underfoot, the road kept deteriorating and at some point we got to loose gravel going up a slope. My bike wouldn’t have it and I lost all traction. We got off and pushed up for a while and considered our options. We still had about 55 km to go and we were pushing up at 11 AM. At the rate we were riding and pushing, I figured it would be a bigger part of 7 hours to make the distance. The route was remote and though we felt good about spotting small villages / farms along the way, it wasn’t clear how sensible it was to push against dark.

The alternate road route was to get back to the highway and climb up 1000m and at least a couple of additional days of riding. We had an Plan B though. This was to double back to the town of Cananeia and take a boat over to Ariri or somewhere close and then make our way south along some beaches and a couple more boat rides. This seemed more sensible than considering the gravel road or the highway detour. So we decided to head back.

The boat however was a once a day affair and was at 8 AM. Well, at least we had Jonas’s hostel to head back to and sleep the night.

On our way back to Casa Verde, Krista spotted a little kitten by the side of the road and the little one was shivering in the cold and looking for a home. Krista decided to pick up the kitten and find shelter. We thought Jonas might be a good host and was worth asking him. We took the kitten back to Casa Verde, but Jonas already had a couple of big dogs and could not provide a home for the kitten. We decided to walk about the neighborhood and look for a good soul to give her a home, but turned out this town is more of a dog town and we were pretty unlucky to find a home for the little one.

We got some milk and fed the kitten and thought of options. I guess part of the journey is to deal with what shows up along teh way and today, it was a kitten that needed to be homed. So Mission was on. We decided to ride into town to look for someone who might be looking for a lost kitten. However, teh area the kitty was abandoned seemed to be unoccupied houses and we couldn’t find anyone. We tried the local Church and that was locked too. We started to think of options on carrying the cat on the road, but this was a real little puss and probably needed a warm home and not a rough life on the road. We had noticed a Veterinary clinic on the way into town and thought we might ask them for help, or at least wait around and find a kind soul who’d want to adopt. The kitten was absolutely cute with blue-green eyes and a pleasant demeanour.

The people at the Clinic told us that this town didn’t have much options to support abandoned animals and were about to turn us away. However, we persisted and told them that we couldn’t carry the kitten on the bikes and it would be lovely if they found a home for her. One of the staff decided to call a friend and in 10 minutes found someone who wanted to adopt the kitten! Sweet! It was a bit of a bitter-sweet moment, one that this really adorable kitten had to be given away, but the thought that it was getting a good home was a nice thought.

Mission Accomplished!

We headed back to Jonas’s hostel and made some food and hung out waiting for the next day’s boat ride.

Track Notes

Route: Cananeia to Cananeia
Distance: 30 Km
Road: Asphalt till Itapiangui. Gravel and mud afterward.
Traffic: None.
Services: At small villages.
Expenses: SG$ 14.06
Comments: Seems like we had to abandon the ride to take care of this kitten :-) It all worked well!