QuickPeek: Flat. Highway. Rain. Headwinds. Cold. Sweet Host!

We got up to a gloomy morning and it was forecast for drizzle thro the day. The b’fast at the hotel we were at was pretty decent with fresh squeezed orange juice and what not! I had a bit of a over-full meal and started off wobbly. The morning was cold enough for me to stop and get on my rain jacket which proved useful as the rain came down pretty soon after we hit the road. It was nearly 9 when we started and for on the highway 116 immediately after.

The highway was pretty boring as it was yesterday – full of trucks and numerous water runoffs that were essentially speed bumps on the shoulder. But the shoulder was wide and safe to ride on. For the first part, the wind stayed out and we just had to contend with trucks driving past at 100 kmph. When the winds came in later, it was a bit of a navigation challenge to keep the bike upright in the multi directional gust. The route was flatish and easy to ride, but I figured we might want to jump out of this highway route as soon as we could. Today, we had no luck as our destination town of Registro was smack on the highway.

We stopped for a coffee break at one of the truck stops (of which there were numerous) and did a mid highway stop for a snack on boiled eggs and peanut candy! Good to be back on the road again! As we got close to the town of Registro, a bike lane showed up out of the blue and it was nice to ride away from traffic for a few km’s to our host’s home.

I had contacted our host Leonardo and he offered to keep his home unlocked for us to enter and relax while he was at work! Amazing. As we got to his place, we realized that the house was closed and we waited a bit for him to get his friend to open the gate for us. In the meantime, one of his neighbours spotted us and invited us to her home for a bit of a coffee and warm up away from the drizzle and cold. Talk about amazing hospitality in this country!

We hung out at Leonardo’s in the afternoon and met his housemate and another couch surfing guest, Pablo from Argentina. Pablo made some awesome empanadas for dinner and for us, he made a few veggie versions!! I had a cabbage and made a quick stir fry to go along with the empanadas and it was nice time having a good dinner with our hosts!

We decided to take the day off tomorrow to reassess our routes and try to place us near one of the immigration offices in 10 day’s time so as to continue cycling thro brazil. There are a few options at the moment, but I am partial to the flatter coastal route though the roads might be a bit challenging. Leonardo was really sweet and offered for us to stay as many days as we wanted to! It’s incredible here with all the lovely people we are meeting. Seems like a few years exploring brazil might barely be sufficient!

Track Notes

Route: Miracatu to Registro
Distance: 53 Km
Road: Asphalt along shoulders.
Traffic: Heavy truck traffic.
Services: Plenty of truck stops.
Expenses: SG$ 0.95
Comments: Not much fun on highway here.