QuickPeek: Boat Ride.

Amazon Journey Day 18

There were may be 50 or 70 hammocks strung up in this space, and a few people decided to sleep in the lower deck with a bit more noise. We had decent spots and I had packed up all our gear in the tarp to keep things from moving about and went to sleep. The food in the evening was a meat soup and we decided to skip it and eat a egg sandwich from the store.

Around 11 pm or so, the boat stopped and about 15 federal police showed up. They were in full gear with guns and all and checked the passports and started to go then everyone’s bags on ship. It took an hour or so for the inspection and they seemed to be really serious and thorough. They made me undo my packing and open up and unpack several bags before they were convinced and passed on. Dang they are serious about drug trafficking here.

I had a bit of a troubled sleep as there was a couple who put their hammock up really close to me. They were sleeping under me and every time they’d move about they’d kick me in the ass and wake me up. At 2 or 3 am, they decided to move about, may be they left the boat or so, but they left me in peace. Further the lights were on in the deck all night long and it was hard to sleep too.

We were woken up at 6 am for b’fast and luckily the food was all veggie friendly. We had coffee, hot chocolate, bananas, biscuits and cake. Pretty decent indeed and ate a bit more civilized on a table! They set out hot water and coffee for people to drink the rest of the day, luxury!!

An hour or so later, another inspection showed up, 15 fellers with guns on and they went thro the same process. This time, they decided not to rummage around in my bags and after 30 mins or so, left the boat.

We had an early call for lunch, at 10:15 and though it was mostly meat, we managed to get some potato salad and some spaghetti and a little bit of sweet dessert. Later I realized I that we were in Manaus timezone and technically we were to be an hour ahead and it was 11:15 in fact.

The rest of the day was quiet and I slowly started to enjoy this boat, it wasn’t as bad as it seemed at first, good food, less noise, calm river and really wonderful weather. I suppose things can be much worse. Dinner was mostly meat, but they had made a really nice looking salad and not many people were eating it, I ended up eating two large platefuls of salad and that really hit a spot. The night was pleasant and the clear skies brought out a lot of stars and it was time to call it a night.

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