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Amazon Journey Day 11

Maria Fernanda II, the spiffy new boat we had taken was a serious upgrade indeed. After considering our options, we decided to take a cabin with 2 bunk beds. Hammocking was 70 soles for which they had 3 decks and large spaces. But I had had enough overdose of sleeping on my hammock and preferred to have a bit of luxury. The cabin with private toilet was 220 soles and I bargained it down to 200. That works out to 100 each and not too much more than hammocking.

The bikes went in to the hold and we decided to leave the bags on as it didn’t seem to make sense to carry all the luggage up to the rooms. The cabin was hot in the day, but slowly cooled down in the evening and it was pleasant to sleep on a stiff bed. The entire ship looked spanking new and so were the beds and the clean toilets. Dang, it was pleasant.

However, as the ship sailed, there was a loud screeching noise that was pretty annoying all night long, but it wasn’t as bad as the constant engine hum and diesel smoke from the previous boat. We had been told that the boats on this leg, Iquitos to Santa Rosa was the lowest quality, but we seemed to have stuck good luck as we probably are on the best ship sailing the amazons, Ja ja.

I was up at 5:30 and there sky was too cloudy for a good sunrise. It was nice to be able to walk up and down the stairs and find quiet parts of the boat to sit and read or generally watch the river flowing by. The occasional stops were nice and quiet and to me, the villages on the Amazon seem a bit more clean, bigger and more prosperous than the ones on Napo. It makes sense too I suppose, there is more commerce on the Amazon for sure.

This boat even had a small snack shop and we could get coffee from there for 1 sol. It was instant, but they were not using the brown river water and the coffee was hot. Breakfast was gruel in this place too, but the fellers served us, with dishes and all. Sweet! One of the crew brought us some special meal (I suppose cabins get special treatment), but it was a meat soup and we decided to skip it. Lunch was pretty much rice and beans and we got some boiled eggs from the store and I couldn’t eat dinner because they had cooked rice with fish and I skipped it.

I took a shower in the bathroom, the water was pumped out from the river and was muddy a bit, but not too bad really, a good scrub to cool down and cleanse up, never hurt anyone eh. I spent the day hanging out, reading books and walking about on the boat, it’s so much more fun experience when there is a bit of space to move around I guess.

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Expenses: SG$ 4.58
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