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Amazon Journey Day 10

My legs were stiff and hurting and I couldn’t get a decent position on the hammock to relax them nor sleep. It was tossing and turning constantly and waiting for the night to be over, really. About midnight or so, a storm hit us pretty hard and the rain lasted a few hours. It was a nice to have a different sound than the engine and the night got pretty cool to lie about. But the legs were causing trouble for me to relax. Well one more day, I hope and I can get out of this boat and get a walkabout in town, along with some good coffee and grub. Can’t wait.

I checked on my GPS and was surprised to find that we were just 50 k’s from Iquitos! The captain came around informing us that the boat will get to Iquitos by noon! Whoopie! That was a surprise… The final 3 hrs were pretty long indeed, we spotted the town of Iquitos from a distance and it took forever for us to get there.

By the way, we had officially got out of river Napo and got on to the Amazon. Once we got to port, it was a bit of a shit storm, there was no berth available and the captain had to bump someone out to get space. Given our luggage situation, we decided to stay put till some of the people got off and then we got our bags out and headed to the docks.

Outside was a real shit pile with the pigs and cows and chicken pooping all thro the voyage. The first order of business seemed to be that of making sure the animals were sold off and we had to wait for a couple of hours when the pigs were weighed and taken away by potential butchers.

We finally got our bikes and packed up and rode into town. We planned to stay a few days to release the travel strain, but we bumped into Ricardo and a couple of other travelers from the boat and they told us about another really spiffy, huge boat heading to Santa Rosa tonight. We thought about it and this new one supposedly had cabins with private toilets and what not… Dang, we decided to continue on, anyway Iquitos didn’t particularly look like a fascinating town in my book. So there, hoped to rest up, but back on another boat… The voyage continues

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Expenses: SG$ 56.29
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