QuickPeek: Pig Tales. Boat Ride. Patience.

Amazon Journey Day 9

More of the same old, same old. The time on the cramped boat is an exercise in extreme patience and I have moved to a low power mode to just ride it out. There is no space to move about and any form of physical activity is ruled out. As for activity on the boat, there is a viewing deck near the bridge where I can see things happening on the fore of the ship, but as it turns out, the other 80 or so people on the boat have the same idea and the 2 person viewing deck is always crowded.

Today though, one of the pigs decided to make a run for freedom and when the boat stopped for a short loading stop, the pig hopped out of its pen into the water. When you think he’d sink like a rock, the pig just trotted up and started swimming like a champ towards shore! Good on him. However, his freedom didn’t last long as our chef decided to jump in after him and after a bit of struggle brought him back on board. Well, the chef also worked as a pig man, who’d have guessed.

That of course didn’t stop me from having the 3 meals setup at 7 am, Noon and 5 pm. Today’s specials were, oatmeal gruel for b’fast, rice and pasta for lunch and a rice gruel for dinner. Repetitive, but something to fill the stomach and look forward to in the day.

Also it turned out that there is a upper limit on the time one could hangout in a hammock in a day. After 3 days of stretching out in the hammock, the lethargy got too much in the body and I got seriously tensed muscles every time I got into the hammock. Dang. One more thing to worry about. I tried to do some stretching whenever I could and it wasn’t enough to keep the cramps at bay.

The day was pretty warm and every time the boat stopped, the heat would get stifling. The noise of the engine was getting to me too and I seem to have adjusted to the background noise. My ears don’t work great anymore, I guess I need a couple of days of silence to get over this rumble in my head. Also the exhaust smoke would get inside the sleeping areas when the boat wasn’t moving. So it was a matter of move and stay cool and smoke free or stay and stifle in the heat. Hmmm.

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