QuickPeek: Pig Tales. Boat Ride

Amazon Journey Day 8

Today’s news in brief. Pig got out of the pen and wreaked havoc on the fore deck. People from all parts of the ship gathered to witness the recapture of the beast. After a bit of struggle, the poor swine was tied up again. This incident was attributed to the tough living conditions in the fore deck, what started off as 4 pigs in the pen grew to 16 by the time the good folks of Dionisa I woke up. This in addition to a cow joining in the party.

In other news, the ships navigational code has been cracked and all one has to do is keep the greenery of the forest to ones right and proceed down river. However, to a casual observer it might seem that the ship is just going up and down a small stretch visiting the same village over and over again. All the villages encounterd look the same, to a casual observer that is, but an acute eye, will notice the subtle changes in the dock, the distribution of trees and color of the foliage.

Jokes apart, today was more of the same. We rode down the river, at an extremely slow pace and went past numerous communities all along the banks. Surprising how many people live here really. Some of the communities were big enough for a school and what not and the boat would stop for taking in supplies. As we headed on, the boat got super full with a load more pigs, many buffalos, multiple chicken coops and a shit ton more people. The lower deck was starting to get a second layer of hammocks.

The upper deck started with 7 people and I was in a rush to make sure we can get decent spots to sleep, by the morning, we were up to 14 and later in the evening, we got up to 20!! Any bit of space was taken up by someone with a hammock and we had to protect the 3 inches between our hammocks from being poached.

The only excitement on the boat was when the pig got out and a buffalo didn’t want to embark. Other than that, everyone seemed to be waiting for the kitchen bell and that was a distraction of an hour at meal times. We got gruel in the morning and some rice and potatoes for lunch. Finally our luck for veggie stuff ran out as dinner was a meat soup. Ah well. I still had my oatmeal bars that Diana gave me at Tumbaco and had a couple to keep the body functioning.

In the night we got a few more people looking for space to hammock and they somehow seem to find the space. It rained heavily thro the night and some of the people had to move about a bit to find some sleep. It’s no vacation on these boats, that’s for sure… No wonder it’s cheap.

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