QuickPeek: Boat Ride

Amazon Journey Day 7

I was up at 6 Am and checked out the toilets in the boat. Surprisingly it was cleaner than I had expected. I was also surprised that there was a lot of unloading activity on board. They seemingly had got the boys from the military to offload and they came up in a battalion and started work rapidly. I figured we might after all, leave there today. We went up for a bit of coffee at Edgar’s and headed back to the boat, ready to cast off.

Around 9 Am, we started to move and everyone was excited to be on this slow boat to Iquitos. The day nice and clear and not too hot as we made our way thro. An hour or so into the ride, the boat turned into a smaller tributary and dropped off some pigs. It was a hour or more stop and I went to sleep when they were stopped. Eventually they started and when I woke up at noon the boat was beached on the mouth of this turn off. Seemingly we had been in that spot for more than an hour ugh the propeller was running, the hull was beached and the captain could only swivel the boat and not unbeach it self.

It was a call for lunch time and I hadn’t realized we had to bring our own plates and spoon. Hmmm. I had to undo my packing and to get my cup out to eat. The food was less than basic, they had rice, some meat, boiled bananas and the only thing with flavor was some pasta. I opted to eat pasta, a little carb overload, but better than I had expected, and the food was part of the boat ticket too, so no complaints there.

As I looked down on the port side, I spotted 4 young guys standing on the beach trying to push the boat and the hefe was watching them from a distance on another small boat. It was hilarious, the draft was about 2 feet and I figured unless we had a tug boat, we aren’t going anywhere. At 1 pm or so, the pushing and hand dredging stopped, luckily, and they went off to look for some more boats.

Eventually two more long canoes came up and they finally gave our boat a strong push and moved it off the beach and it was about 2 pm when we got back to sailing. After the beaching incident, the boat chugged along for a short bit when the winds picked up. It felt like rain in the air and we dropped the side curtains down and within minutes the rains came and lashed hard. I had my hammock at the back end of the shelter and though the winds were from front, I got sprayed heavily on. It was the first time I could spot the leaks on the roof and had to move my hammock to avoid some water streaming into my hammock. Well I figured some adjustments were in order and it helped to move a couple of inches in.

The boat inched along making stops every 30 mins or so. The maneuver to park the boat at the makeshift jetty at the farms was a slow process and the stops would be an hour or two long. They were offloading and loading various cargos, planks of wood, bananas, pigs, chicken etc. Suppose they also took in a few passengers too.

Around 5ish, it was time for another meal and this time it was a gruel, they called it masa mora, but it really was like warm oatmeal starch and a few pieces of bread. It was warm and sweet and was reasonable to eat. Our chef was a bit of a grumpy feller and didn’t have a smile when I asked if there was any meat in it. It was actually meat free and edible.

The generator that powered the lights on occasion had given up the ghost and it was lights out at 6 pm. With not much to do, I just read my book for a while and then knocked off to sleep, hoping there won’t be too many more incidents in the night.

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