QuickPeek: Waiting for Boat

Amazon Journey Day 6

So after a few days here, with nothing to do, things gotten slower. We had a bit of b’fast at Edgar’s, read a book, walk about and watch the boat stationary, head back to watch some TV or more book and then wait up for dinner.

Tomorrow the boat was supposed to leave and we decided to take the cooler hours of the morning to move our stuff into the boat. When we got the bikes on, the captain asked us to leave it out until the cement was off loaded. We brought the rest of our bags and us the deck upstairs to hammock on. With a few other tourists on it, it seemed like a foreigner designate space. We had 2 Argentineans, a Ecuadorian, one Italian, Krista and myself. Later in the day one of the locals decided to end the segregation and joined us too.

We managed to get all the stuff under my hammock and tie them together with the tarp I’ve been carrying for a long time. That done, I took another shower, just to cool down and moved in to the boat.

It was a warm afternoon and it was a bit sweaty in the hammock. As evening came about, it turned cooler and in the night it would get a little cold too. The food on the boat was supposed to be meagre at best and I figured I might as wall stock up when I could and had a lunch and a further dinner with all the tourists on the boat.

By late evening, all the cement was offloaded and they moved our bikes into the bodega, away from potential rain. It looked like there was still a lot of work to be done and I’d be surprised if we make it to the 7am departure time.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 63.93
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