QuickPeek: Waiting for Boat

Amazon Journey Day 4

It’s been a couple of days of waiting in Pantoja and we were told that the ‘big’ slow boat would show up, Out assurance was that people in the village are waiting for supplies and they had received word that the boat was on its way. I spent the day watching some videos I have on my computer and making an occasional walk out of the room to see if any boat was in sight.

Around 5 PM or so, I noticed the boat docked outside and there was a palpable excitement among the people. Our hostel owner told us that was the boat to Iquitos and expected it to leave in a couple of days after they offloaded the cargo and unloaded some other stuff that needed to be ferried down river. I was expecting a slightly bigger vessel, but this one seemed to be the one we might have to take. I don’t notice any cabins on it and I suppose without any private space to stash our gear, it might be a few days of constantly keeping an eye on things as we meander down the river.

I am glad the boat has shown up, at least we didn’t have to wait for a week or longer eh. In the meantime, we managed to get some decent food, mostly rice and eggs with yuca or if we were persistent and lucky, some cucumbers. Well better than what I thought we might get to eat.

It’s been lazy days, but the presence of the boat added a little bit of change to the scenery and something to look forward to.

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Expenses: SG$ 12.44
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