I’ve had my B&M tail light for nearly 5 years now. I’ve used them while commuting to work on a regular basis and when I started touring, It has been a faithful companion on a 6 month tour of SE Asia and for nearly 18 months in the Americas. it has been put thro some extreme conditions, heat cold, dust, rain, sun, mud pollution etc… And is still chugging along! Awesome!!

The tail light had been mounted on my Tubus rack and I suppose one could rig mounts to fit it anywhere one prefers, really. The tail light has a sizeable reflector and a couple of LED’s on top. The LED’s are good enough for visibility, but will not blind anyone. I prefer a little more stronger light I suppose, but I will take what I have.

Because of the way I mount my rack top bag, the bag tended to obscure the LED’s and after getting feedback from fellow cyclists, I flipped the light around so the LED is below the reflector and now the lights are seen better. The idea of putting a light on the rack means that on the occasional rides on buses etc, people would tent to lift the bike by the lights. I have been careful to tell people to handle it better, but still the light gets rough treatment. I am glad to say that it survived well till now.

There are obviously numerous choices for tail lights, I should say I have been extremely pleased with B&M Products and if I had to buy another tail light I’d head for a B&M Product. I wouldn’t mind getting a TopLight again, but ideally I’d prefer another with a higher light output I reckon.

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