QuickPeek: Walkabout. Resupply. City Life.

We made our way towards Quito, nearly 2 months since we passed by this city on our way into Ecuador. The day was gloomy with a bit of rain and we saw a touring cyclist braving it in the weather. We had a warmshowers host in a town called Sangolqui in the outskirts of Quito and that’s where we were headed.

After a switch in buses, we came to Sangolqui and had a bit of lunch while waiting for our host Sebastian. We managed to Sync up around 2 pm and Sebastian invited us into his lovely home. A huge space with a couple of adorable dogs. He had cycled all around S America and had plans to ride some more and head North too and we shared a lot of travel stories while hanging out.

We planned to stay a couple of days here before heading to a Casa Ciclista in another suburb of Quito called Tumbaco. Sebastin gave us some tips on doing a walkabout in Quito and also pointed out to a Outdoor store that had a huge sale going on. Ahem.

We visited the ourdoor store (Explorer) and I found a steripen (a water purification device) for a real steal. it was 30$ after a huge 70% discount! Sweet! I figured an alternate to the filtration system I am carrying would be very handy indeed.

The next couple of days, we bussed into Quito, which was a long slow ride in traffic and explored town a bit. The town had some nice bits, pretty parks etc., but at the same time, the traffic and pollution was a real mess. We made some food for our host and it went down well too. So the first few days in Quito had been pretty nice and relaxing. We’d be heading to the casa Ciclista where I’d have a down time, working on a project for a friend and after a week or so, head to the coast to our bikes.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 56.81
Comments: Quito is a pretty crowded Metropolis. Can't say it's stunning, but it's got its big city comforts.