QuickPeek: Cute village. Lovely Hike. Market day.

We finally decided to leave Banos. The place we had been staying at was fantastic, great kitchen, lovely hikes, etc., but the travel goes on eh. I’d like to think we explored some of the neighbourhoods of the National parks well and had some great hikes. Now we had to get going.

We had a contact of a warmshowers host near one of the popular tourist destinations of Cotopaxi. I had managed to get in touch and we figured we’d contact again when in town. He was in a small village called Pujili near Latacunga, the town that was the start for many excursions into the Cotopaxi National park. I had heard much about this and we were looking froward to having a base to hike about.

Unfortunately, it was difficult getting in touch with our hosts once we got to Pujili. It did seem like a really charming village with a sizable population of Indigenous people and possessed a certain cultural interest with teh variety of costumes and lovely sculptures around the village. We tried waiting for a few hours by the Parque Central for some word from our potential host, but after long decided to find a hostel to crash in.

We eventually made contact, but Jorge, our host, seemed a lot occupied and we decided not to bother him and preferred to stay in the pretty neat hostel for a couple of nights.

Today, we thought of various plans, but the hard weather made our plans pretty limited and we decided to go for a walk about around the village. The 15 km walk took us around the lovely farmlands and backroads lined with Eucalyptus trees. The weather stayed pleasant and the walk was absolutely stunning.

Up in the hills near the Lake Quilatoa however, it seemed to be pissing rain and the rain came over afternoon to our village. We had to hide out for the rest of the afternoon. Today being Sunday, they had a huge market in town and it was nice to find a variety of stuff to eat.

On the Weather front, our thoughts on backpacking during this season was completely vindicated as we watched the news. Roads all over Ecuador, especially near the coast and also near Cuenca, where we were a couple of weeks ago had been washed off due to flash floods and landslides. It was crazy to watch all teh damage El Nino had been causing in the region and we are considering alternate plans to travel. Peru and Bolivia are being pummelled with rain too we hear, and it would be a good idea to head further East, and there is a potentially wonderful adventure that awaits us. let’s see how plan pan out.

Track Notes

Distance: 15 Km
Expenses: SG$ 44.86
Comments: Hiking in Ecuador is an absolute pleasure.