QuickPeek: Rest day. Hiking. Cooking.

Banos has numerous hikes around. They seem to be everywhere, one could pick a direction and a trail and keep going for days if needed. It had been fun hiking about here and the hostel we had found was pretty friendly family home and we were the only guests here. Yesterday we decided to take a day off just to rest the legs after a few days of continuous walking.

Today, we figured we’d explore a bit more around the area and decided to head out on foot towards the town of Patate. There were numerous routes and we were keen on going up and over the hills via Las Antennas. This would be a good climb and make for a big hiking day. But the day started a bit foggy and as we walked along, the climb didn’t seem too appealing if the views were obscures. My legs were a bit sore too from the previous hikes and finally we decided to take the low road, a asphalt route that went along the river.

It was a near 20 km road walk, but with no traffic and the weather changing in and out it was a lovely route indeed. I’d suppsoe it would have been a pretty sweet hour long bike ride, but the hike took us nearly 5 hrs and by the time we finished the sun was out and it was pretty warm indeed. The views along the gorge were stunning and once we left the deep gorge, we got on to some lovely Orchards with tons of Mandarin and Avocado trees. It was picking season, but right off the tree the avocado’s were still unripe and we couldn’t pinch a bunch for our walking lunch.

a few k’s outside of town, the route got a bit boring and the day got pretty warm and we decided to hitch a ride in. Patate was a nice little town, but we came down here for just the walk and after a fruit juice, we took a bus to head back. We were dropped off at a huge market in the next town and were asked to take a connection. The market was a wholesale setup and we could either buy tomatoes and carrots in sacks and buckets or not at all. Bummer. But as we walked about, I’d use my technique (learned during the Te Araroa days) of asking people for a couple of this and that and offer to pay. But the wholesalers weren’t keen on changing 25c and gave us stuff for free. That was nice and friendly. We got a few veggies for dinner and headed back.

As you’ve noticed, I had been trying out a variety in my cooking and yesterday, I found ground rice (like Rava) and I thought I might make some Uppuma. Specifically Rice Uppuma. I had a general idea of the recipe and tried it out. It came out fantastic. Rice Uppuma is a pretty awesome dish and I made some spicy tomato Chutney to go along. Worked pretty well indeed. Tonight Krista made a huge salad with all the fresh veggies we picked up from the marked. Good eating these day’s I should say!

Track Notes

Distance: 17 Km
Expenses: SG$ 15.48
Comments: A lovely long walk and some good food. Good life indeed.