QuickPeek: Hiking. Volcano views. Good Food.

Banos was a touristy place, a Very touristy place indeed. It was obvious with the number of ‘adventure’ sport tour companies all around town that there was a bit of a trap. Our hostel owner showed us a map with ‘things to do’ in Banos. Chris would have loved this spot, the primary activity was waterfall hunting, ja ja. The good thing was that we were in a pretty quiet place outside of town and in direct view of the volcano. Sweet.

Our host had good advice on the hiking around banos and pointed us to numerous routes around. After being up most of the night watching the volcano, we had a pretty latish start and we decided to do a nearby hike right behind town. The route we took was via La Virgen, Ventanas, Bellavista and return to Banos. This was a stunnign hike. The first half was a seriously steep hill, pretty much a stair climb. The trails were great and teh weather was absolutely gorgeous. After a long while, we had a full day of sun.

Once we crested the hill, we thought of making our way to ‘Casa del Arbol’, but decided against and looked for a different route to head back. Along the way, we stopped for some Hot chocolate and took the route via Bella Vista to town. A pretty steep descent, but was easy going.

Once in town, we got some resupply and headed back to our hostel. They had a pretty fully equipped kitchen and that meant we could do cheap meals. I made a veggie stir fry for dinner and then we tried to watch the volcano again. But turned out tonight the volcano was a bit quiet and the clouds obscured any view we might have had. Ah well, can’t get a show everyday I suppose 🙂

Track Notes

Distance: 11 Km
Expenses: SG$ 17.28
Comments: Banos is touristy, but has some really nice neighbourhoods to hike in.