QuickPeek: Hitch hike. Bus ride. Sleeping near a Volcano.

Yesterday Victor mentioned that he was heading to a town called Riobamba. This was a town North and on our way and we figured it would be awesome to get moving. We have had a few stunning (and rainy) days in Alausi and we figured it might be nice to go and explore a new region. Victor and his sister were sweet and were willing to give us a hitch into Riobamba.

The day started rainy, and we were glad to have a ride instead of waiting about for a bus in the cold and wet. We bid farewell and head on our way. The route to Riobamba was pretty and by the time we got to town, the rain had stopped and victor dropped us right at the bus station. He highly recommended a small place called Banos. This was a tourist town, mostly, and we were not sure if that was the best option, ah well, let’s see what’s in store.

The bus ride was a couple of hours and we made our way to Banos around 1pm. Victor mentioned to us about a camping spot that many circus folk and jugglers hang out at. We were keen to head there. People in town didn’t know about the spot and we tried to follow the vague directions that Victor had given us. We got pretty long into teh route, but kind of lost track of the route and couldn’t find the spot. A nice lady asked us to head to a small hostel she was running and we headed there.

The people were super friendly and offered us a spot to camp at. However, there was no spot to hammock. bummer. However, they offered us a room with a view of the Volcano Tungurahua. The volcano was visible right thro the vindow and it was pretty active. Every half an hour or so, the eruption would send out a shockwave that rattled the windows and a plume of smoke would shoot up. It was too close for comfort, but spectacular to look at. All thro the night we’d be awaken by the shock waves and watch the rocks spat out and lava flows in bright orange on the sides of the mountain.

Turned out that coming to Banos was well worth it afterall.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 19.44
Comments: A room with a view of the volcano. Stunning.