QuickPeek: Hike. Rest.

Today was a brighter day and we figured we’d continue on exploring the neighborhood of Alausi on foot. There was a Sunday market and we went into town for a bit to check out the colors and smells of fresh produce and once done, headed on our way.

We scouted around the hills and it was impressive how many trails were around. All of them, were of course functional farm trails and not recreational ones. But to me that was the charm of this palce. The region is populated mostly be indigenous people practicing traditional farming techniques and they seem to move about a lot with their farm animals and on foot. The trails exist because they live the way they do. Sweet.

Since we were going thro the town, we decided not to bring rocky with us. The dog was a bit disappointed, he really seemed to enjoy walking with people. Anyhow, we headed up on a dirt tract that we spotted and the day cleared up a bit as we climbed up the route. It was a old road heading to the town of Tixan and followed along the railway tracks most of the way. The views were beautiful and the route was sweet. After a couple of hours, Krista decide to scramble up some hills and I decided instead to head back home.

Once back home, I reheated the soup that we had made yesterday. It was a big portion of leftovers and lasted us a couple of more meals. Easy and sumptuous food! Overall the hikes around Alausi had been lovely, it was awesome stay at the Killa Wasi Hostel and Victor and his family were really fantastic hosts. I suppose this place is worth visiting and probably worth staying longer at too!

Track Notes

Distance: 12 Km
Expenses: SG$ 11.52
Comments: Andes are stunning, one could pick a route and walk on forever!