QuickPeek: Hike. Sun. Cooking.

After the hike and huge meal, we slept like a log. Even Rocky slept like a rock and his snore was loud enough to be heard from across the yard. Ja ja.

We had a slow start in the morning and after having a bit of a b’fast, we decided to go for a short hike. Rocky joined us again this time and we did a bit of an exploration. We followed random paths out of the main trail and ended up in some really beautiful valleys and once ended up in the town dump. ugh. It was all fun anyway.

The day was brighter though and it was nice walking with some views up ahead and in teh afternoon, the sun was peeking just enough to dry out some of my clothes. We headed back into town to buy some veggies and made a bit of lentil soup and some wheat dosai’s for dinner. pretty yum. A pretty nice day with a bit of walk and good food. Days like these are really awesome.

Track Notes

Distance: 6 Km
Expenses: SG$ 15.00
Comments: A lovely day up in the Andean highlands.