QuickPeek: Rain. Long Hike. Dog walking. Cooking.

Nariz del Diablo, the devil’s nose, is the popular bit of tourism around these parts. Alausi turned out to be a hub for tourists visiting here to take a train ride up to the nearby town. The train was special, like the one in Burma, it does a switchback on the mountains. But the cost of taking a train was about 30$ and of course, We’d rather hike the route than bother with trains.

Our host Victor had some neat instructions to spot the trail and we started walking on a pretty gloomy and wet day. I suppose given the season we were in, there was no option other than to walk about in the rain. We were joined by Victor’s mutt, Rocky, a pretty strong pitbull’ish dog who had the sweetest demeanour. Turned out Rocky was experienced on this trail and joined other tourists for hikes too. We walked about 21 km and rocky led/joined us all the way without a complaint! Sweet! Need one of these fellers to take with me on my bike someday 😀

The trail was beautiful and wound around thro farmlands and up and over the hills. The rain had made parts of the trail really muddy and I was carrying an inch of mud on my boots all along the way. After a while, we encountered numerous indigenous families working on their farms and dropped down to a small village. Then the route followed along a river backtracking our route for a few k’s before we spotted the railway tracks. We just got to the bit where the train would switchback and saw the station and a cafe next to it. It was raining hard by this time and we decided to continue our hike on the tracks instead.

It was a beautiful walk along the tracks, reminded me a little of the rail trail along Baikal, of course the setting was completely different. Some of the bridges I had to cross were a bit precarious, but I managed to get across them and rocky was a champ crossing these and we made it eventually to a mud track that seemed to take me up to the town. After an hour or so, I made it back, a nice 20+ k hike in the hills. Sweet.

In the evening, we invited Victor and his family for some dinner and they gave us some potatoes and whole wheat flour (both from their farm) and I figured I might make some chapatti and Aloo mutter. The chapatti’s came out fantastic, I suppose there was some trick to how dense the dough had to be and I think I hit the sweet spot. The aloo mutter as usual was pretty good and Victor made some rosemary potatoes. We had a nice gathering for dinner over a nice fire and hung out in the evening. Overall, a stunning day in the Andes.

Track Notes

Distance: 21 Km
Expenses: SG$ 23.04
Comments: The Nariz del Diablo hike was pretty as. Even in the rain