QuickPeek: Market Day. Mending the bag. Craft.

We woke up to some beautiful views at the Killa Wasi hostel. The region was generally shrouded in fog and the mountains were wonderful to look at whenever the mist cleared for a bit. After the long series of buses, we had slept in late and decided to take an relaxing day walking about town. It was a market day in Alausi and we found some really beautiful veggies and stuff to stock up and cook during our stay here.

Alausi was a small village and was pretty charming up in the hills with its pretty views. Our host, Victor was a friendly chap and had some good advice for the various hikes around. We decided to keep the hike for tomorrow and for the day decided to stay in, away from the rain and spend the day doing some mending and cooking.

yesterday on the bus I noticed something grave. My new Ortlieb backpack (Elevation 42) had a pretty serious damage. The Shoulder strap was ripping apart from its attachment and this was soon going to be catastrophic if I kept putting load on it. I managed to reduce the load by tightening the shoulder support straps, but it was not a long term fix. The issue was definitely a manufacturing fault because they seem to have poor sewing. I suppose I’d make a complaint with Ortlieb, but in the meantime I have to still use the bag.

While we were in town, I scouted for some materials to fix the bag and after walking about, found some tough Nylon twine from a cobbler, a couple of heavy duty sewing needles from a street vendor and a real good webbing strap for free from a bah maker. The materials felt pretty bomber and I spent a while sewing it on. It was a bit of a workout on the fingers, but I suppose the reinforced joints should hold up pretty well in the long run. I hope Ortlieb comes back to me at some point and makes some arrangement to honor their warranty. Till then, I hope my fix will carry me along.

In the evening, we cooked some masala vadai and salads for our dinner and relaxed a bit watching movies. Hope the rain stays away for a bit longer tomorrow so we could go about on a longish hike.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 25.92
Comments: A Short dry spell in the morning followed by some long drizzly day.