QuickPeek: Bus Ride. Groovy hostel.

We decided to start from Cuenca today and after a bit of thinking about, decided the destination for the day would be a small village called Alausi. We picked the spot because there was possibility for some good hikes, and the presence of a nice little hostel where we could have a basecamp. Friends (From Te Araroa days), Dan and Gina, had been here last year and recommended the place on their blog.

However, we figured instead of just bussing all the way, we’d stop off at an Archeological site of Ingapirca which was on the route. We took a bus out from Cuenca and this one went up to a town called Canar. From there we had to switch to another bus (But this one was paid for as we got tickets all the way to Ingapirca). The roads were pretty steepish and the views were pretty spectacular all the way. By the time we got to Ingapirca, it was past noon and we stopped for a quick bite.

At the distance we spied the ruins and it was a big area with a series of small walls. I suppose someone with more understanding of the history would have much appreciation of the significance, but to me it was just a bunch of walls. Given the entrance was 6$ and we could actually see the whole park from a distance, we decided to just take a couple of pictures and head back. The village of Ingapirca was a pretty sweet one though and there was a really sweet 2-3 day hike out of there to Alausi (Where we were headed). Though we were ready with hammocks, we didn’t have any cooking stuff and decided the best course of action would be day hikes and decided to head to Alausi on a bus.

We had to get back to the town of Canar and then pick a bus heading towards Quito. It was a 40 minute wait and when we did get a bus, it was full, but they took us in and wait for someone to get off before getting a seat. The 2 hour bus ride was oring mostly because we were heading into some heavy rain and fog and the visibility was near zero.

We were dropped off on the highway and in the whiteout we could see nothing. Hmm. Where was this town… We got out of teh highway and found the village in a bit of a valley. Our next mission was to find the Killa Wasi hostel which was outside of town and I had memorised the route. We managed to get there just before dark and met Victor who owned the place. It was a beautiful place with lots of trees and a variety of vegetables growing in the garden and we got a sweet place to stay at too. He also told us about the numerous hikes around and the sale was over. We decided to stay a few days to explore around here.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 32.76
Comments: Buses in Ecuador are a bit pricy, but the connections are good.