QuickPeek: Cooking. Craft. House sitting. Chill.

So it’s been a house sitting gig by some beautiful Pacific ocean beaches in a lovely and quiet part of Ecuador. How much better can it get, eh!

First up, our lovely host Alicia and her kid Griffin were really sweet. The were great company and invited us happily into their home. Before Alicia went on her vacation, she gave us a tour of her house, cabins that we would be painting and finishing up and also the nearby towns where we could get to for food, supplies etc. It’s been a great setup for hanging out, with the beach just a minutes away, a nice shaggy dog and cat.

After a few days, Alicia went on her trip and we were left to take care of her property and pets. Our primary ‘job’ was to take care of the place and help to apply finishing touches to a set of cabins she had built up. It was easy work, and the tedious part was staying away from mosquitoes. We have been slowly getting around around the work and settling in to a routine of cleaning up the place, working on the cabins, cooking and in the free time, learning some craft.

First up, cooking. Alicia’s kitchen was compact, but perfectly equipped and was a pleasure to work in. We have been crafting some nice bits of food, healthy to say the least and as my repertoire grows, the quality of food and the tastes have been improving too. You can see the variety we have been crafting in the kitchen and with lots of time to think about the next meal, we have been getting creative and making some good variety of food indeed.

I have been fascinated by wire art and somehow, the idea of crafting some artworks with a single piece of wire had been growing in my mind for a while. I have seen people make pretty sweet sculptures and jewellery using wire and figured I could learn the craft to keep my hands and brain occupied. I met an Argentinian cyclist, who made pretty beautiful looking bicycles using aluminium wire and was inspired to learn to make some myself. May be good gifts to give to people along my way.

I picked up some copper electric cables first and copied the design and learnt that the craft was actually not easy. There were a few basic tricks, twists and bends that I had to learn to make a reasonable looking product. Youtube is a great help in figuring out some simple and interesting designs to craft. The Copper wire was a great material to start with, but the wire was too thick and was difficult to control the twists. I looked around and found some cheap Galvanised iron wire at the hardware store and figured it might be a good product to learn with. This material too was too stiff to work with, but with a bit of practice, I seem to be getting better at some of the basics.

Hopefully when I get my hands on some craft aluminium wire, the practice would come in handy and the end products might look halfway decent.

The weather had been generally pleasant, a bit of sun and clouds. There were a few days of torrential downpour but being under a solid roof was a great place to be to watch the rain pour down in buckets.

Other time mostly got spent on taking care of the animals, taking the dog for walks along the endless beaches, watching movies and generally chilling out. I guess the quiet days feel different for me and I itch to go out on the road on my bike. But its a welcome change of pace and gives me time to get my hands into projects and work in ideas in my head.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 107.35
Comments: Brieceno is a really quiet place away from the tourist hotspot and a lovely place to hang about in.