QuickPeek: Cloudy. Gentle hills. Flat. Home.

It seemed like a bit of rain in the morning and I slept in a bit and by the time I was up, it was 7 already, bummer a late start. The day looked cloudy however and we decided to do some b’fast before getting on the road. We started about 8 with a mild sunshine, but it would turn into a decently cool day’s ride for most of the way.

The route had a couple of small hills and was otherwise flat as. Pretty sweet conditions and the forest seemed to thin out as we head south too. I had heard the Manta Bay was a bit dry and it certainly seemed so. We rode steadily for the first 40 km to get to the town of Canoa. Our host for the next few weeks, where we’d volunteer in exchange for shelter, was in a a small town and we called her to confirm our arrival. When we called her, she was chill and invited us over.

We did a short ride around Canoa and it seemed like a very touristy spot indeed. Looked like a town with the mix of beach bum backpackers and retirees from up north. Something like in the islands of Thailand. It wasn’t particularly appealing, but it did look ok for an occasional run into town for some pizza or so!

The route out of Canoa was on a separated bike lane! Whoop whoop! It was flat-As and right by the beach, I guess the last time I rode by the beach like this was probably in Honduras. It’s nice to ride with the ocean right by you. The Ruta deal Sol is pretty sweet with its variations. As we rode past, we spotted beach front properties all along. Looked like property agents in Europe and N America’s have been working overtime and selling away Ecuador in lots. With Galapagos in close access, good surf etc., I suppose this would be an ideal spot for growing tourism.

We got to our host, Alicia’s, place soon enough and it started with a swarm of mosquitoes chasing us up into the house. Alicia was a paraglide instructor, mom, surfer, potential hostelier, etc. She was also a super friendly and fantastic person and was nice to meet her. We plan to hang around her place and help her with some work around the house and house sit as she head for on a vacation. So for the next few weeks, the hammock would hang in one spot. Updated on the work as a house minder to come on a more infrequent basis I reckon.

Track Notes

Route: Jama to Boca de Briceno
Distance: 52 Km
Road: Great roads with wide shoulder. After Canoa, there is a separated bike lane too.
Traffic: Super light
Services: Frequent.
Expenses: SG$ 6.78
Comments: Every backpacker hangout in the world look exactly the same.