QuickPeek: Awesome roads. Bike lane. Flat. Breezy.

I was a little excited today when I spotted on my GPS that I was literally 40 seconds N of the Equator and was bound to cross it thro the day. Little milestones are fun, not my main motivation for travels, but nice to notice and a good yard stick to measure life with. I looked up and I realized that I had gone down spas far as 46S (New Zealand) on foot and 65N (Finland / Alaska) on a car. And now I crossed the Equator the first time over land on my bike! Wohoo!

Our hosts Idit and Manuel wanted to join us for a ride in the morning and so we all set off around 7 AM after a quick b’fast. It was awesome that they hosted us and we bonded pretty well! I really liked their attitude in life and they were planning to get on the road with their bikes with no money in hand. Just their handicraft skills and basic possessions.

The morning was cloudy and we got on to the pretty nice bike lane that took us nearly 15 km out of town. It was awesome to see the separated bike lane, but it seemed like it was difficult to clean and had a bunch of road debris strewn all over. Still better than fighting with traffic on the road, eh. It was a lovely mornings ride with a few gentle hills and the weather behaving fantastic. The ocean came into view once in a while and it was good views to be had. We passed the equator on the road and it was a small nondescript sign hidden in the bushes, heh. In this trip, I have been as north as 53Deg, I reckon!

We passed a few fishing villages along the way and as is the case always, the places smelled pretty rough. We got up to 30 km and Idit and Manuel decided to return home, suppose it’d been a longer ride than they had planned. We bid farewell and got beck in the road. We started to pass thro some fancy resorts / hotels / holiday homes along the way and seemed like they are splitting the beach into lots and selling them to property developers. Bummer. I can see the whole thing turning dirty. Fancy holiday homes of rich North Americans and Europeans right next to pretty poor fishing villages. Guess it’s the same all over the world. The small town of ‘Same’ up north had the same design and I felt the neighborhood a bit uneasy. Hmmm.

Anyhow, we headed on and as I turned a corner, I spotted a couple of girls on bikes with touring load. They were from Brazil and Bolivia and had been on the road a while. It was nice meeting them and I guess I am already in the trunk road to meet many more cyclists. We rode a bit more, a couple of stiff hills to get to our destination for the day, Jama. Here’s a tip, about 5 km north of Jama, a well laid dirt road turns off and it’s flat all the way to town.

We found a decent place to stay in and later in the evening, headed to the little museum. The museum was pretty tiny and didn’t take more than 5 mins to walk thro. Still can’t complain with free entrance eh!

Track Notes

Route: Pedernales to Jama
Distance: 51 Km
Road: Great with bike lanes and a big shoulder.
Traffic: Super light.
Services: Frequent.
Expenses: SG$ 16.56
Comments: Feels nice to have started so far up north and be at the equator.