QuickPeek: Short day. Flat. Hot.

So we planned a super early day today. I wasn’t sure if I had the motivation to be up and about at 5 AM, so decided to start at a more comfy hour of 6:30 instead. The reason for an early start was simple, the weather in these parts seems to get super hot and it the past couple of days is any indication, it’d probably be a torture to be out and about after noon. We hoped to get a good distance in before noon and stop for the day.

We headed up for a quick b’fast, and eventually when we hit the road it was nearly 8 AM. Ah well. The morning was a bit cloudy and we made good use of the cloud cover to get over the couple of small, but stiff hills out of Mocoa. The route was beautiful with the view of lush forested mountains all along and a nice tree cover in most spots. The morning mist made the forest look mystical.

We rode into the next big town of Villagarzon, but it was still too early for a berak or food and headed on. As the day wore on, the weather got warmer and it started to be a hydration fest, We stopped for some juice made of local palm nuts and I guzzled a lot of water too. After Villagarzon, the road flattened out and had a nice 1% downhill slope most of the way. The views were flat, but pretty with an occasional river flowing in the distance.

We had done about 60 km by noon and we arrived at a small town called Puerto Caicedo. The day was looking pretty threatening and so we decided to stop for the day. We had a nice quaint hotel to rest the hot day in and figured we might take short days during the next few in the valley.

In the evening, we walked down to the Rio Putumayo for a bit of cool down. It was a short 10 min walk and a nice place for the villagers to hang about. We also spotted long boats very typical of the region (and for that matter, every tropical river in the planet). Feels like we are almost in the thick of the Amazonias.

Track Notes

Route: Mocoa to Puerto Caicedo
Distance: 61 Km
Road: Well laid asphalt. Some road works along the way. No shoulder
Traffic: Light to Moderate.
Services: Numerous along the way.
Expenses: SG$ 13.67
Comments: The promised flat route had a few hills along the way.