QuickPeek: Rest. Hike. Catching up with friends.

We heard from our friend Dorys that she was heading to Mocoa, where we were. She had never been to this town and the famous waterfalls near here called “Fin Del Mundo”, literall, “End of the World”. The reasoning is because this is one of the Frontiers of the Amazon Forest and one could see the forest going out into the distance. We have been spotting some lush rainforests as we had been riding and were eager to get to this special place with Dorys.

The Canadian guys we had met in lago de Cocha, showed up in town, but we were unable to hang out more with them as we were waiting for Dorys and they had plans to explore some of the surrounding areas. Dorys and her friend Nancy came around 3 pm and Nancy invited us to her place. We dumped the bags in a cab and rode behind a taxi to get to her place. It was a sweet palce just outside of town with some nice views of the Andes.

We made ourselves at home and I decided to make some Aloo mutter for dinner. It worked out well (Cloves give a bit of a oomph when it comes to spices) and we had a nice meal and waited for Alejandro and his friend. They were riding the route on a bike and had left a day before Dorys. She had spotted them in the hills and around 7 pm or so, they sent news that they were on the way. Ouch. They eventually showed up at 9 pm or so, dead tired. These were young boys and in prime riding condition too. The route between Sibundoy and Mocoa was not something to be taken lightly eh! I’d definitely think it would be a good 2 day ride with loaded bikes.

The next day, we all planned to head to the Fin Del Mundo. I had a bit of a premonition that the place was going to be pretty crowded with people. We took a taxi up to the trailhead and there were literally hundreds of people lining up to get into the park. It was also a Sunday and I suppose all the families were heading on a picnic. Everyone was carrying food and supplies and I expected the area to get shabby and filled with garbage, but I was pleasantly surprised.

At the entrance, the staff collected a refundable deposit for every bag being carried in and I suppose that idea worked like a charm. For the number of people, literally walking up in a queue, there as absolutely no garbage to be seen anywhere. The hike was a good one, Slippery and with some good bits of climbing, But with so many people along the way, there was a lot of time to take a breather and was eventually an was an hike for me. Dorys was having a bit of a struggle and we helped her along and kept her going.

Eventually we ended up at the series of cascades and though it was pretty, I thought it was probably overrated. The place was beautiful, and relatively easy to access, so the crowds were swarming the place. The spot even had a small restaurant, jej, Literally the Restaurant at the end of the world. No fireworks though.

We hung about a coulpe of hours. Alejandro and his friend decided to walk up to the final waterfall, but I was not too keen with so much crowds and we headed back home. Dorys and Alejandro had to head back the same evening and made a mad dash to the bus station, however, Nancy let us hang about another night at her place and we hung about chatting over some dinner before calling for an early night.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 13.76
Comments: The Fin Del Mundo is a pretty spot, but overrated. Super crowded on Weekends.