QuickPeek: Beautiful day. Stunning route. Meeting Cabunga!

The pull of Lago de Cocha was really strong, but with my visa deadline looming, we had to get going. The day looked beautiful with blue skies and light clouds up the hills. We planned yet another short day to get to a small town called Sibundoy where we potentially had another host.

We started at 8 on the dot and headed on the dirt track to town. It was a nearly an hour ride to get to the main road and it was a lovely ride in the morning. We stopped for a quick b’fast and headed on the hill. The day started pretty warm and though I expected it to be a decent climb, it turned out to be a little workout. The hills alternated between being a little flat or a 12% grind.

Krista was trying to keep her knee injury under control with her knee braces which seems to be working well. She climbed at a steady pace and we took numerous breaks. The views were super stunning and it was worth taking time to enjoy at every turn.

We eventually got to the summit and we had a couple of short hills before we started descending. The descent was stunning too, with too many curves and I was surprised to find switchbacks even! Sweet. I slowed myself during the descent and enjoyed the views. The day was too stunning to ride past at speed. We eventually got to a small town of Santiago, where we got some fruit juice and coffee.

The sun was warm in the high valley and we decided to head out the last 15 km or so quickly. Krista had taken her brace off and immediately the pain came back. Bummer. Looked like this might be a problem she’d have to take care pronto. As we rode the flat land to Sibundoy, we planned for alternates to avoid climbing too many hills along our route.

We got to Sibundoy and tried to spot our host Cabunga. We had to roam around a bit before we were directed to an association for Indigenous people. As we were enquiring, he showed up and directed us to his farm where he hosted cyclists. We decided to grab a bit of food and headed on the gravel track. It was a really sweet route, but kept going on for ever. Eventually we got to the end of the road and had to turn back when we found a guide who took us home.

Turned out our “guide” was Andres, who was also a cyclist heading to Argentina with a couple of his friends and they were all staying at Cabunga’s place. We were give a spot to put up our hammocks, and in the evening, a lovely meal was prepared and interesting conversation on people’s relationship with the land and the work the diverse Native American tribes are doing to revitalize the planet. Cabunga, was a pretty amazing chap and kept us riveted with his thoughts and the work we was doing to make his village more responsible.

It was great that we found another beautiful spot with some stunning people again.

Track Notes

Route: Lago de Cocha to Sibundoy
Distance: 64 Km
Road: Fantastic. At the summit, a little bit of road works are ongoing.
Traffic: Super light.
Services: Enough along the way.
Expenses: SG$ 7.91
Comments: The ride up from Lago de Cocha is absolutely stunning.