QuickPeek: Picnic. Kayaking. Gorgeous weather!

I am getting close on my visa deadline and we had originally planned for a few days in a town called Mocao to do some hiking, but once we got to Andres’s place, it was obvious that central to touring is finding spots like this and hanging out. His place was a beautiful spot on a small hill right above the lake. Literally a dive down would bring me to water. The space he had created and the small community of travellers he had were absolutely pleasant to be with and we decided to stay at least another day before moving on.

In the morning, the Argentinean couple headed out for a bit of work in town and Charles, the Canadian Sound Engineer, was working on the songs he recorded the day before. I spent the morning reading a book and after a while we walked up to the small village to get some supplies for cooking. The guys made b’fast and we did a bit of a b’fast picnic by the cliff.

Later in the day we decided to go into the lake for a while. Andres also had a eco tourism business, and had a few canoes by the dock. We were allowed to use them and we decided to take them for a spin in the water. The lake was chilly and choppy because of strong winds. But it was really lovely to be in the water on a gorgeous sunny day.

In the evening, I made some Aloo mutter for the crew and hung out enjoying the beautiful views and hoping the days would continue to be as stunning as this. Thanks Andres, for the amazing space you have created and shared with us!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 1.44
Comments: Can't imagine a better spot to have a hideaway in other than a highland lake in the tropics!