QuickPeek: Quiet days. Bike setup. Cooking.

Our original plan for Pasto was for it to be a short stay and we’d head out on the tough road towards Mocoa. But what with Dorys and Alejandro being super sweet and us meeting some of their friends, Magda, Marisol, Sebastian etc, we ended up staying longer and having fun too.

First up, however, Krista wanted to get lower gears on her bike. Alejandro took us out to a local bike shop and though initially they seemed a bit busy, they followed it up with excellent service and worked with us to make all the changes we requested of them. Krista wanted to get lower gears and the best option seemed to upgrade her drive train to a 9 speed setup so she could have 36T cassette. But that meant that she had to change her shifters and chain and was also recommended to upgrade her crank to a 9 spd for an easily replaceable setup. Ended up costing her a bit more than planned, but she was happy with the setup.

I myself had been contemplating getting a smaller front chain ring and luckily the shop had a 22T which was awesome since I’ve been slogging all along on a 26T setup… Changing the chain ring was super cheap and initially they installed the wrong way around which made the chain slip a lot. But we returned the next day and the bike shop was sweet enough and did all the adjustments we needed.

We had planned to go to a spot called Laguna Verde, up in the hills on Sunday. Dorys initially planned to join us, but had some work to do and had to drop it. I couldn’t let that happen and when I found out that she was working on a legal case where a lot of data massaging was involved, it was a simple case of whipping out Excel and automating her tasks for her.

Unfortunately though, it had started to rain in these parts and we were told that the hike to Laguna Verde was going to be pretty muddy and we gave up in the idea. Alejandro invited me to join his friends to climb the Volcan Galeras right behind his house. We started the hike on a gloomy day and thought the route was fantastic, the rainy weather was a super let down. There were no views to be had and when we got to the ranger station, we were informed that the park was closed due to seismic activity. We got caught in the rain and waited it out for a while, but eventually decided to head back in the wet.

We planned to go to Las Lajas the next day, but with Alejandro planning to join us on a bike ride to Mocoa and him having to setup his bike, we decided to take a rest day and relax instead.

Dorys had invited a German cyclist who was passing thro to stay at her place too! He showed up hungry and shivering in the evening after a long day’s ride in the hills. Dorys is an amazing lady, such a big heart and always ready to help. I am glad I got to meet her.

In the past few days, since I had access to a kitchen, I made some food, which turned out well. A Pav Bhaji, a nice cauliflower fry with rice and we did a fusion Masala Vadai as a veggie burger!

Pasto was an unplanned paradise for us, I reckoned we’d be here for the carnival and head out, but it turned out to be another highlight of Colombia that I’d remember for a long while.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 35.88
Comments: Unexpected lovely times in Pasto!