QuickPeek: Carnival. Cooking.

Today was the big Carnival in Pasto and people from all over Colombia had come for the big show and I’ve heard its one of the biggest parades after the one in Rio de J in Brazil. That would be high standards to live up to, but Alejandro told us the parade floats have been under works since August and we started with high expectations. Alejandro’s sister was participating in the parade too and we were looking forward to her performance.

We started at 8 from home and walked into town. The crowds were in and the entire route was choke full of people. Everyone was spraying foam and dust bombs. I figured it was going to get messy and it eventually did too.

The parade was pretty amazing, some great work on head gear designs and parade floats went along. Some of them were so so, but many of the floats and costumes were absolutely smashing.

We got home pretty dusty and it was still dusty after a shower. In the evening, I cooked some Pav Bhaji and we chatted a bit before hitting the bed.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 5.04
Comments: The Carnival was smashing!