QuickPeek: 500 Days! Bus Rides. Host to Host!

It’s really been 500 days on this trip! 500!! Gosh, time flies when one is having fun eh! It’s been a great ride till now, lovely people I have ridden with, starting with Krissi and all the way to Krista. After 500 days, I have travelled literally 2 alphabets, Ja ja. Lovely hosts and people helping and offering encouragement along the way. Family that keeps encouraging me is a definite bonus too!! It’s been great, can’t wait for more.

Today we left the guesthouse early and headed to try our luck at the bus station after looking around a while, a bus with a sizable boot showed up and was willing to take our bikes for 5000 pesos each. I hate paying off people to do their job, but had to take this one and we managed to get to Cali before 10 am. Sweet. There were bigger buses heading from Cali to Pasto and I looked around and picked up a bus which was scheduled to leave at 11, with a promise of ferrying our bikes.

We waited a bit and when the bus showed, up the driver was unwilling to take the bikes citing that it took too much space and other peoples luggage won’t fit in. That was a silly argument and I had my Laos experience behind me and started negotiating. The driver was unwilling to budge, and it seemed like the situation would turn into an ego match with the driver taking the upper hand. Luckily Krista intervened and suggested we try fitting things first before deciding one way or another.

I fitted the bikes in the corner of the boot and packed all of our bags in top of them leaving enough room for other people’s stuff. The driver however insisted we pay him more money and it was 15,000 pesos more per bike. Bummer. Ah well, at least we were on our way to Pasto!

The bus ride was excruciating and I got off with a stiff back and Krista had issues with her hip. It was nearly 9:30 PM when we got into town and were considering if we should stay at a hostel and head to our host’s home in the morning. We called her and she was happy to take us into her home, even though we were super late… However, I couldn’t find her address on my GPS and she suggested that she’d call a taxi to take us home. That was sweet!

The taxi showed up and of course he was shocked by the bikes and bags and I suggested that he could ride in front of us and we could follow him on bikes. The route was up and down and the hills were steep. After the 10 hr bus ride, the legs were having a tough time, but the ride was doing a world of good to get the blood flowing. We eventually got home and Dorys, our host, and her son Alejandro, who was a tourer himself, invited us and we had a nice long chat. They offered us some lovely food and we made plans to head out to the Carnival in the morning before hitting the bed.

Track Notes

Route: Buga to Pasto (on Bus)
Expenses: SG$ 40.00
Comments: Paying off bus drivers to take bikes on is really shameful.