QuickPeek: Bee sting. Groggy ride. Heat. Bus ride. Gorgeous hosts.

It was pretty amazing that Don Fabian had actually taken us to his farm where his family had their reunion and we had a really sweet place to sleep in. When we were up in the morning, we were invited to have some coffee and b’fast and Fabian offered to take us into the town so we could get back to our journey! What a sweet chap!

While on the ride down yesterday, Krista seemed to have been bit by some insect, potentially a wasp or a bee and right on her eyelid. She thought it would be alright, but woke up with a swollen eye and she couldn’t open or see thro it. Well, that was going to be a case where we’d need some medical advice and when Fabian dropped us at town, we hit up the first pharmacy and they recommended her to get a shot. After a bit of deliberation, she decided to go ahead with the shot and we decided to see the effects before getting on the road. It’s not sensible to be riding in city traffic with one functioning eye and no depth perception eh!

We stopped for some fruits and spent an hour or so when the swelling started to subside and she was able to see well. But the side effect was that she was a bit drowsy, not the ideal condition for riding in traffic either. But she wanted to head into Cali (about 25 km away) and see if we could meet up with a friend, Sebastian, from Bogota. We rode slowly in the heat, luckily it was a flat ride and eventually we got to Cali, the town was a bit of a mess, I suppose due to a combination of being a trade town and it being NY Eve and what not.

The plan was to find internet and get in touch with Sebastian. We looped around and couldn’t find a cafe and eventually decided to head to Intercontinental hotel for some coffee and wifi. But the people at the hotel would not have us park the bike where we could see them. I suppose they just didn’t want poor, sweaty people in their lounge. They were super rude and we decided to head out.

We found a much more friendly restaurant and they were super sweet and let us hang out. We figured that Sebastian was not staying in Cali, but in a small town called Buga about 70 km north. Bummer. I dropped him a message and we tried to get in touch with him thro out mutual hostel mates in Bogota and waited for a response. Eventually Seb got back to us and our travel out to Buga was On!

It was nearly 3 pm and riding was not an option, so we headed to the bus station in Cali. It was a bit tricky to find a bus willing to take our bikes, but we eventually found one who stuffed everything into their tiny trunk and packed he bus with people and headed out. It was a couple of hours on the bus and was stuffy and hot and we got to Buga around 6ish.

Seb had given us his address and we pretty easily rode to his place. It was awesome to meet up with him again, it’s a NY miracle (following from the festivus miracles)! Last year, I slept the night at a rodeo and met up with Clau and Nora in Jalpan and this year, we were reconnected with Seb! Sweet! He invited us into his home and given it was NY eve, a bunch of his family was visiting and everyone was super welcoming of us. We decided to cook some food since most of the places were closed and I ended up making a quick Pav Bhaji (it’s a stunningly easy recipe for a good meal)!! It turned out well and was a nice addition to the festival meal for us and for Sebastian and his family! Sweet!!

We were in a wonderful home and I suppose there are few better ways to spend an evening, let alone a NY Eve’s. So it seems like we’d spend a few days in Buga, hanging out and then change course and head south again!

Track Notes

Route: Jamundi to Cali (to Buga on Bus)
Distance: 35 Km
Road: Highway, asphalt.
Traffic: Heavy.
Services: Super Urban.
Expenses: SG$ 23.98
Comments: Random plans work out and we get to reconnect with Sebastian.