QuickPeek: Rest Days. Recovery. Craft. Hiking. Cooking. Chill!

So the point of being in San Agustin was to have a good place we could rest and recover and build up energy. Bambu was a sweet little spot with some nice quiet people and the folks running the place were sweet indeed. There was a perch high up where we could watch good sunsets and hangout in the day. So pretty much an ideal spot to rest up I reckon.

We spent the downtime mostly resting, cooking up some food (I made some Green bean porial, Lentil soup, Aloo-Veg curry and even tried my hand at Pav Bhaji). We’ve had some good company of cyclists too, Gunnar the swede, showed up and hung out one of the days before heading out to find a campsite and be on his way. And We had another really sweet Polish cyclist in the hostel, Piotr, who was excellent company and had endless stories from his travels all over the world. It was great hanging out with Piotr and here’s wishing him good luck on his bike ride and fair weather and tail winds.

The guy who manages the hostel was also a splendid chap who had travelled extensively, on a bike too. He was a percussion artist and an instrument designer and had a few handmade Conga’s and a really sweet sounding instrument he had fashioned out of gas cylinders!! He also had a lot of recommendations on finding good bits of nature around the village and while being here, we managed to squeeze in a few longish hikes.

Obviously the big draw of San Agustin is the remains of some Pre-Hispanic (some dating back 4000 years back) settlement. We took numerous random hikes which brought us to some really sweet spots with a few stone carvings. One of the hikes went thro the Rio Magdalena complete with stunning waterfalls and a really beautiful forest too. We ended up visiting the Archeological parks too which were a bit sad in the sense that most of the remains had been excavated and repositioned, but at the same time, the parks were well maintained and really pretty places to visit. Krista had a lot of interest in these because of her background in Stone carving and also the symbolism that she finds in many of the indigenous cultures. To me, they were really good hikes with an opportunity to take pictures and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

The hostel had a neat kitchen, though it was busy during peak hours. I however managed to squeeze in during off times and cooked a few meals. A staple of Veg curry, some Lentil soup and one of these days, I even made Pav Bhaji! It actually turned out pretty well and I was glad I tried it. A simple but super sumptuous recipe indeed. Another one to add to my repertoire!

I spent a bit of time building some craft projects, using bits and pieces to make life on the bike a bit more functional. Here are the few things I did…

  • Piotr, the Polish cyclist, had showed me a nice Bungee cord setup to keep the brakes engaged while parking the bike. I was inspired but that, but I couldn’t find a bungee cord in town. However, a used shoelace came in handy and I fashioned a slip knot loop that would do the job.
  • I found a cheap towel and made a sleeve for my water bottle. It’s an Idea I picked from Jean-Francois (French cyclist, way back in Baja). By keeping the sleeve wet, the evaporation process would keep the water inside cool. Very refreshing.
  • I borrowed a couple of beer cans from another feller at the hostel and made a alcohol stove. I wanted to try and make a couple, but the first attempt came out alright and I gifted it to Krista, I suppose it might come in handy for her as we head south. Surprisingly it took me less than 30 mins to make it though I had just a few rudimentary tools.
  • I eventually made a bit more headway in my Flea market coffee grinder. Its still not functional, but I managed to chop off some of the unwanted bits and make it a lot less bulky.
  • I had been carrying a bunch of reflective tape and decided to fix them on my fenders for a bit of Rainbow effect, heh.

Pictures of the craft project will show up as I get to use them, but overall, it had been very satisfying way to spend a few down days and I guess we are ready to hit the road again!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 106.57
Comments: Lots of hiking and lots of craft... Good down days here in San Agustin!