I had decided to spend a day hanging out with our lovely hosts before heading on the bike so I figured I might as well make myself useful. Kristy and David wanted me to take the day off and relax, but I was happy to help. They had planned to re-lay the water pipes and that was a pretty huge project. I joined the team and 8 of us including Canela headed up to lend a hand (Canela with a pair of paws) with that.

The entire process ran smoothly and I took off after the morning shift to reorganize my bags. The day went about pretty quick, with much laughter, a great lunch, a nice dinner followed by a dose of Eddie Izzard on the Telly.

Though it was a flash decision to get to a farm and work, the time I have spent in Los Patos has been very transformative. This is the first time I had observed a permaculture setup up close and I suppose what David and Kristy have created is pretty amazing. Having a self sufficient setup to grow food and avoiding dependency on most external influences, requires a great deal of commitment and I am amazed to see them get it on with a huge smile and open hearts.

They spend a considerable amount of effort taking on volunteers and providing them with a lot of education so that the ideas that are picked up here spread far and wide. A truly inspirational couple and I am glad I had the opportunity to meet them, become friends, and lend my hand in some of the chores. I suppose it’s been an experience good enough that I might source out more opportunities as I go South. However I am not so sure how anyone can beat the hospitality and friendship that David and Kristy have shown me.

Here’s hoping I’d make it back to Los Patos sometime in the future!

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