It had been a couple of lovely weeks, as you could imagine, in San Jose. But with my feet getting itchy and my visa about to run out and a couple of potentially good contacts in Colombia, I decided to get back to my much neglected bike.

Mario was kind enough to give us a ride to a intermediate town called San Isidro. He wanted to have a tour during his long weekend and it worked well with myself and Krista going the same way and also we figured we could stay in town and explore a bit around before heading to the farm. First up, we decided to get a good last grub at the Indian restaurant with Vendhan and it was nearly 4 when we got on the road. A bit too late considering the evening rains we’d been getting.

Today was particularly nasty weather with the visibility going down to near zero and the incessant rain. Mario was a trooper and drove us safely to San Isidro. This was a small town and since we were late any way, we decided to stay in town, grab a early morning hike and go about our ways.

In the morning, Mario managed to find some info on hikes and after a few false starts, we managed to get on to the right track. The road progressively got worse and so we decided to stop and walk up to the trailhead. It was a nice quiet hike in gorgeous weather, but unfortunately the park was closed on Mondays, bummer. Ah well, we got about 10 k’s in the bag and headed back to town. Mario had plans to get to the beach, but was nice enough to drop us near the bus station.

Myself and krista hung about at a cafe for a couple of hours until the 2 pm bus. The bus started on time and this time we were careful not to miss it, heh. It was a near 3 hr ride and we managed to get to Limoncito before sunset. A short walk into the gravel road brought us back to finca Los Patos. It was like coming back home, a familiar place with a serene vibe. We were welcomed home happily by David and Kristy and the two new volunteers, Tayler and Ruben.

The oven Krista had worked on was already in use and a nice casserole was made for dinner. Excellent. It had been a while, but as always, it’s nice to be back in familiar surroundings.

Track Notes