QuickPeek: Rest. Vaccination. Cooking.

Once the adventure was over, there was a sense of great relief indeed and we decided to just hang about San Jose for a few more days and Enjoy city life while keeping Vendhan company too. We made a pretty good trio with lots of punning and joking about. Vendhan had work to do thro the week and myself and krista went about town looking for food and generally hang out.

There were a few things I managed to do while in town though. First up was getting an yellow fever vaccine which is needed after passing thro Panama. That was an expensive shot, but I figured it’s better to get it with time to spare instead of doing it cheaper in Panama. I decided to take a few days rest to manage the after effects of vaccination. Luckily there was none.

Another project was to get a Costa Rican stamp and Vendhan came thro with finding a tattoo artist. The place I got to was very commercial and eventually got one after a bit of debate on the design and stuff. Krista, joined me and provided some artistic inputs which was neat.

I had to resupply some gear that I had lost in the theft. So I made a trip to Stone Mountain Outdoors who are the best bet in Costa Rica to find quality gear. I needed some dry bags, a multi tool and towel etc… And they had everything I needed. A bit expensive for the gear, but I was happy I could find stuff I needed.

One of the days, we decided to hike up the hill in the backdrop. I generally tend to get fascinated with some climb and somehow or other I end up climbing them. It was a beautiful hike with quiet roads and some good views too.

It had been raining on and off and most evenings, we’d end up cooking up some good grub at home. Vendhan was a pretty meticulous cook and mad biryani one day. His biryani rocks hard I should say. I made my now staple of pan fried masala Vadai, pongal, upma, chutneys, sundal etc…we had been eating a blast in the past few days. This was punctuated with some incredible food from the expensive but excellent Indian food at Naans & Curries.

Vendhan introduced us to one of his colleagues, Mario, who was from Colombia. He was a pretty switched on chap and we hit it off well. He invited us to his place when we got to Bogota and also offered to join us on some hiking trips if we could make it.

So there it is, a couple of weeks more passed in Costa Rica. It’s been surprising that I have been here for so long, when I originally intended to pass thro rapidly. Such is the nature of traveling slowly, one has to take what comes along the way and make the best use of the time available!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 783.35
Comments: Back in San Jose was a great way to loop around in Costa Rica. It has been many weeks, but I've had some good times here.