QuickPeek: Farm Work. Cooking

The farm work continued as per usual in the last couple of weeks. The routine was good, wake up at 6ish, have a quick b’fast, work for 5-6 hours and back for lunch, an afternoon rest and prepare dinner. I have gotten pretty good at using the tools more efficiently and I suppose it helped with building up some unused muscles too!

There were a few changes that happened though. First up, Kristy & David decided to called her poop elephant oven as Ganesha, an homage to Eastern spirituality and decided to have a small celebration to thank and recognise the blessings they have received from Pachamama (literally mother earth). Krista’s travel tour had been about understanding the relationship of indigenous people’s connection to earth and Pachamama was a central figure for her. So she led the events of the day. I was an observer and, as per normal, though I do not subscribe to the idea of spirits embodying anything, willingly participated with respect.

In the past few days, I had been introducing some Indian spices in the preparation of dinner and I was surprised what a piece of cardamom, a couple of cloves, some fennel or ginger could completely change the character of the food we were eating. And I made a few Indian dishes too when I had the chance to play with the wood fire stove. For starters, I learnt to make a fire (inside the stove, not an open one). I managed to cook some Spicy Pongal, Sweet pongal, Masala Vadai (pan fried), Raw banana stir fry, lentil soup and generally was the spice master for whatever else we were cooking. Was a nice role for me, heh.

Kristy had been itching to take a vacation and we offered to house sit for them for a few days so David and Kristy could take a trip down to the beach. After getting a bunch of instructions on some of the daily routines, we sent them off and took care of the farm.

The days were pretty warm to start but it would seem like the rainy season was upon us and we’d get some serious downpour every noon. It was nice to get some work done do some cooking and hang out in the rain reading a book or watching some movie. Pretty pleasant times at the farm indeed.

Part of the farm work involved, more banana harvesting, mulching, humanure preparation, composting, taking care of the ducks, planting, clearing the ground, preparing firewood etc. So pretty much full days of working I should say.

When our hosts returned, we decided to take a bit of a breather from the farm and head back to San Jose to visit Vendhan. I figured it would be a nice change from farm life and a slower transition from work to travel. So there It goes, Onward to San jose and back to riding, soonish, heh.

Track Notes

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