QuickPeek: Farm work. Rain. Climbing lessons.

Sundays are off days at the farm, we tend to do some stuff around, but nothing major and the day is spent lazing, doing a bit here and there and cooking up food. The rest of the week, however, we had quite a few things to catch up on. This week involved among other things,

  • Weeding
  • Chopping a tree and clearing the debris
  • Humanure prep, which essentially is emptying the poop buckets and cleaning them out
  • Cutting grass on the trails
  • Banana, Yucca and Taro harvesting
  • Town day for grocery shopping

A couple of days were shortish and we took afternoon naps and spent the long rainy evenings just hanging out. Other than that, a pretty nice week on the farm.

Krista had finished her sculpture and wanted to take a walk into town. We figured it would be nice to do a cross country walk and headed out on one of the days to go and get some Pizza. It was a lovely day to walk in and see some of the surroundings and the open views into the valley. we got to 10 km before the rain started to pour hard and we were lucky to get a taxi for the final couple of K’s into town. The rain would go on for the next 5 hrs and we spent the day at the pizza place mooching on the internet and relaxing and watching the water pour down in bucketfuls.

During a lull in the rain, we walked out, did some shopping and found some cake for dessert while waiting for the last bus home. We eventually got back in the dark, but at least the rain had ceased and the weather was stunning to walk in.

Another day, Dave gave me a quick lesson in climbing with ropes and after a few attempts, I managed to get the hang of it. An Arborist has a different technique from a mountaineer and it was good to learn a new skill.

It’s funny that with the amount of physical activity going on, I am not missing cycling much yet. I guess it might be a couple more weeks before I start itching to move on. Till then, on with the machete!

Track Notes