QuickPeek: Farm Life.

So the schedule at the farm is going to be up before 6 AM, do an awesome smoothie and head out for some work. Back around 9ish for a b’fast and return to the farm for work. This goes on till lunch, around 1 pm or so. That’s when the rain seems to show up in these parts. Depending on the rain situation, it’d either me some work around the house and cleaning up etc or a good afternoon’s rest. Around 4ish, we start preparing for dinner and all hands head into the kitchen for preparation… After dinner, its a bit of chit chat and around 8ish is time to hit the hay.

Not a bad way to live I reckon.

On day 1, here, David wanted to show me around some of the property and also harvest some bananas. They had a couple of pretty steep slopes of bananas and we looped around, pruning with machete and spotting and making a call on harvesting bananas. We ended up pulling nearly 6 Huge bunches of bananas and plantains and wheel barrow it back to home. Also we walked about a small portion of the farm and cleaned up the area near the bananas.

It was a sweaty work and I was glad to be able to get into it and contribute. The place is essentially the home of David and Kristy and they have been recruiting volunteers to help them with managing and working the farm for the pst 3 years or so. The couple are really wonderful, friendly and with a big heart. They had setup a good place for visitors to take have a place to hang out and have pretty much everything needed for farm work. They even had work clothes and boots which I switched into for the day.

The setup is super off the grid, electricity by solar, water from a creek up the hill, compost toilets, solar heater for showers and a solar cooker for sunny days and a small wood burning stove for the rainy ones. Fantastic indeed. The only luxury is a spotty internet that would work past midnight, heh. Good enough for me to work and upload my blog.

Krista had been here for a week and we had a good reunion, heh, funny how we can be old friends after hanging out for a couple of days in San Jose eh. But it was nice to catch up with her. The rain comedown at 2 pm and we decided to cal it a day. I suppose for day 1, it was a pretty productive one. I guess with life slowing down much more than it was earlier, I might update the blog on a weekly basis while I am at the farm I reckon. So look out for Sunday posts or may be some midweek too.

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Comments: Never worked in a farm, but I seem to fit right in.