QuickPeek: Year on the road! Rest Days. New Friends. New Directions.

First off, I passed the 1 year on the road on this Journey! And I rested thro it, jej, apropos. I looked thro some pictures from the early part of the trip, it feels like it was from a decade back. It’s pretty amazing how much experience one could pack into a day and stack them up over the year. Well, the journey continues…

I have been taking it easy for the past nearly couple of weeks, doing absolutely nothing. It’s the first time, I have spent such a long break with nothing to do. Chalk it up to the great company here in San Jose and a general feeling of being at home. Vendhan had been fantastic and introduced me to a bunch of his friends. We had just spent time hanging out, which has been an excellent way to spend some time I reckon.

Part of the reason for the pause is also that, Gretel, a friend of Vendhan’s, introduced me to a tattoo artist in town and I had commissioned a work off of him. CR had been a different destination for me, there had not been much cycling, but I still managed to find ways to move about slowly and take time and figure out a way to take in this country. But this place has the Pura-Vida attitude and the guy who was supposed to work on stuff, didn’t do much after 2 weeks. So I decided to give up on the idea and head on with my journey.

In the meantime, Krista, the girl I met in Tilaran, came over as Vendhan offered to host her. She was great company and over the course of the time, convinced me to join try a gig of volunteering at a farm. Her travel had been punctuated with a sequence of farming gigs and she was pretty experienced in finding the right places. She had a contact in Costa Rica and she had little to do to persuade me, heh. So I am going to be riding south for a bit and spend time in a proper farm with work to do for a few weeks.

New directions… Timely update to the direction after a year on the road. Who knows where that leads. I am curious to find out.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 342.42
Comments: Walking into the unknown has its risks, but the rewards I have found are absolutely amazing! Here's to all those who enjoy a walk on the wild side.