Quick peek: Good climbs. Awesome weather. Stinky entry to city.

I was up at 5ish, but heard rain on the tin roof and decided to slumber for a while longer. Eventually I got up at 6 when the fire station alarm went off and after a quick photo shoot and wishing my new found friends the best, I got on the road. Only to stop 300m later for some great b’fast. I returned to the same comedor from yesterday night and the b’fast was huge and awesome. The ladies were super friendly too.

There was a local reporter who seemed to have found me like the feller yesterday. Ok here is the story from yesterday. I was running out of cash and decided to stop in a small town to exchange my dollars at a bank. I found one and walked in to make the exchange. There was a bit of a queue and I had to walk in and out a couple of times to pick my passport and such. Already by his time, I had attracted enough attention from fellers standing around and I was making myself visible target if someone wanted to pick me. And as I was getting into the bank, out came a reporter from canal 7 (a local station I reckon) with a camera and asked me a bunch of questions. I answered him politely, while keeping an eye out for the bank from closing… And after the exchange when I hopped out, the feller continued on with more questions with a few others hanging out looking me up and down. I felt like I had made myself a good target and was itching to leave. Luckily no one followed me along and there was no incident to report. Gosh.

Anyhow, this morning another reporter from Talanga town showed up and interviewed me for a bit (I would learn later that I was on TV and some other fellers I met in the day has seen me, heh). After all the stuff in the morning, I hit the road at 7:30 hoping to make it to Tegucigalpa by noon. But the hills had their own schedule planned.

The route today was again absolutely gorgeous and the weather cool and nice to ride. I climbed the first hill and stopped at a petrol station where some of the kids working in the lumber yard started talking with me about the cycling. One of the other fellers, a truck driver of sorts had seen me in TV and I was a bit of a minor celebrity.

There were a couple more hills to climb and eventually I hit Tegucigalpa. The traffic got a little hectic close to town and the familiar smells of garbage and the general reek of human presence alerted me of being close to town. TGU was in the valley and I got some nice view of town as I headed in. I stopped at a shopping mall (hello, haven’t seen you since Xela) for wifi and tried to catch up with my host in town. I was having a bit of issue getting in contact and around 5 pm decided I should head to my Plan ‘B’omberos!!!

My friends in Talanga had pointed me to the central station and I rode up to the spot. This was a huge place with training schools and pretty elaborate campus on top of a hill. But they were reluctant to have me around, I suppose must be some security concerns and after a couple of consultations, asked me to head to another station in Colonia Kennedy which was 6k’s away. I still had light and decided to head there. The traffic was pretty nasty, but luckily they seem to be building a Mexico DF style rapid bus transit and there were 2 middle lanes paved and ready. The system was not operational and I jumped the lanes and rode in relative peace to my destination. The bomberos at Kennedy were expecting me and invited me in and offered me a bed and let me use their kitchen and showers! Once again, awesomeness!

PS. If you haven’t heard of Ankh-Morpok. You are wasting your life. Go and read Terry Pratchett’s books on the Disc World.

Route: Talanga to Tegucigalpa
Distance: 65 km
Road: Beautifully paved, good shoulders and gentle gradient.
Traffic: Light till very close to TGU. A bit hectic getting into town.
Services: Pretty often, except on the mountain climbs.
Expenses: SG$ 8.16
Comments: A hat trick of hanging out in Bomberos. A sort of record in my book and shows how friendly and helpful the folks are!

Track Notes