Quick Peek: Found Asphalt! Bus Ride. Bomberos!

The family was up and working at 5 AM, I guess they run with the sun. I tried to laze till later, but eventually got up at 5:30 and waited for their restaurant to open at 6. After a bit of nice b’fast with fresh cheese from their farm, I headed on the mud road up the hill. I was told to expect asphalt as I got to El Carbon and it arrived as promised.

It was a beautiful route today and having good roads underneath, made the ride that much more better. I enjoyed my ride to the town of San Esteban. I had a couple of reliable sources (one was a cyclist who rode this route a few weeks back) that told me that the route between Gualaco and San Francisco was pretty bad. I expected packed mud roads like I was riding before, but given it was a 600m climb, I was thinking of hitching a ride over. When I got to San Esteban, I figured that there were buses all the way from here to a town called Juticalpa. This was a 100 km route and I would skip 2 big hills and the mud road too. So I figured given I am going to hitch anyway, might as well hitch all the way, heh.

I rode around town and finally when I spotted food, the bus came and I had to make a rush order, bought a tub of ice cream too and hopped on. It was super warm on the bus and I had to sit in my biking shorts all the way too. The route was pretty with Diary farms and I suppose would have been an enjoyable ride. The unpaved bit was a bit gnarly indeed with some steep inclines and some stretches seemed like it would be super slippery in the rain. Ah well, I managed to get to Juticalpa in a matter of few hours.

I rode around town and saw a sign for the Bonberos. I asked around and rode up to the Bomberos and made a request for a place to sleep. The fellers were friendly, as they always have been and offered me their conference room to sleep in! The Sargent even signed me up for their wifi and I could happily get in touch with warmshowers hosts in the towns ahead! Awesomeness. Bomberos haven’t let me down. I hope they stay that way all over!

Route: Village near El Carbon to San Esteban (Bus to Juticalpa)
Distance: 48 km
Road: Packed gravel till El Carbon. Stunningly smooth asphalt till San Esteban and Gualaco. Very rough road Between Gualaco and San Francisco (Might be really dodgy in rain). Good pavement to Juticalpa.
Traffic: Very light, nearly non existent.
Services: Sparse. Few shops at villages, but not much food joints. Food at San Esteban and some in between towns..
Expenses: SG$ 20.82
Comments: I skipped the two mountains (one on gravel). They were rideable, but what the heck I am hanging out at another awesome Bomberos!

Track Notes