Quick peek: Beautiful quiet roads. Mud roads. Many hills.

I was up at 5 and lazed knowing I had a good days ride ahead. Getting or of john’s house and heading to Trujillo was a 10 km on absolutely rubbish road with 5 river crossings. John offered to drive me up to town if I paid for fuel and I jumped on the offer. After a quick b’fast along the way, I got to the bus station at 7:30 and started my ride. It was good times hanging out with John and it was time to move on.

The ride out of Trujillo was a reverse of my ride in for the first 30 km. I would have liked to skip it, but given the morning was cool and the road flat, I didn’t mind and enjoyed the gentle ride out. I got to the turnoff and headed towards bonito oriental. I was hoping that this would be a decent town, but it was just a village and a bit shabby after the rain. I spotted a small comedor and popped in for a second b’fast.

The road just out of bonito oriental turned to mud and I hoped it would remain well graded thro the day. It was a bit muddy in bits and seemed like they have been actively working on upgrading this road. There were new light posts being put up and the road was actually nice to rise on. Later in the day, there would be bits of deep potholes and water runoffs, but the condition was such that it was really rideable and with a max grade of 8%. So definitely great conditions, if all mud roads were this good, I wouldn’t mind more of them.

At 1 pm or so, I hit the hills and got on to my granny gear for most of the way. There were a few hills to go and I enjoyed the views bough I didn’t get very high. But it’s always nice to be in the hills I reckon, the views are so much better than on the plains. The traffic was super light too and I didn’t have to worry much about buses trying to run me over.

I was trying to get to a town called El Carbon, but as I got closer, I realized there was a big hill to climb and I was pushing the clock too. I scouted this small village which looked friendly at first to sleep in. But then in noticed a few guys standing around chatting who gave me a bit of stink eye (a Kramer reference there) and another guy I asked for directions had a pistol tucked in his hip and two live magazines on his belt. Ah well, good enough reason to carry on. I eventually found a small comedor at the next village, just before the climb. They served me with great food and were friendly and let me stay too.They had the only TV in the neighbourhood in the dining area where I was hammocking and about 20 or so people were squeezing at the door to catch a glimpse of Jason Statham kicking ass in Transformer (some version). When it was time to shutdown, I asked the landlady my bill for dinner and she refused to take any money. They were genuinely pleased to be able to offer me shelter and some food. Awesome!

Route: Trujillo to Village near El Carbon
Distance: 80 km
Road: broken asphalt till bonito oriental. Packed gravel the rest of the way. Well graded roads and comfortable to ride on without rain.
Traffic: Very light, nearly non existent.
Services: Sparse. 5 km or so between villages. And much fewer restaurants.
Expenses: SG$ 15.78
Comments: So day 300 turned out to be a good one, a bit of this and that in the day bookended with great hospitality! Life continues to be awesome! Fuck yeah!

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