Quick Peek: Rest.

I could have very well started on the road today. I had done a bunch of searches on roads and the idea of going to La Moskitia and finally decided I would ride out thro the unpaved roads south and if going got tough, I’d end up hitching a ride. So when I got up in the morning, I felt like I could start on the bike. But the place here in the suburb of Trujillo is so pretty that I figured I might as well stay the day and relax.

Myself and John walked up to the town of Santa Fe looking for B’fast and it turned out that none of the shops were serving food. Totally strange. After an hour of walking about, I finally found a small shop and the lady was willing to cook up some b’fast and made some really delicious eggs and beans for us.

I spent the afternoon hanging about and in the evening joined John and Reva for some board games (which I had been playing for the past few days too). I made some spaghetti for dinner which we all shared and I knocked off early. Not much happening except for some good resting 🙂

Route: Trujillo
Distance: 0 km (yay!)
Expenses: SG$ 8.40
Comments: Finally figured out my route out of this spot.

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