Quick Peek: Snorkelling. Town Visit. Relaxing.

I started the day early, as usual and was hanging out when John suggested we should snorkel out into the sea. See he is an avid diver (used to be a gold prospector during parts of his colourful life) and still has dive gear, a small boat and and compressed air tanks ready to get diving at a moment’s notice. So it was not hard to believe when he had a dozen fins and half a dozen snorkels and masks and gladly lent me one. I even managed to get fins to fit my feet. Beat that!

We went swimming into the ocean for a while and I being not swim fit, had to struggle with the breathing. Drank quite a bit of sea water too and was not wise enough to dive deeper and didn’t get much views. Anyhow, after the thunderstorms in the past couple of days, even john couldn’t spot much activity underwater.

After a bit of resting, we rode into town to drop off a friend of Roger and Reva and I tagged along. We headed to a fancy restaurant where I met about 5 more John’s (Seems like a popular name around here, or may be people decided to have a different identity and pick a easy name). The place, Vino Tinto, was fancy and was sun by English John, who was also a historian and told a couple of stories of Trujillo and an incident of piracy that happened in the same building that the restaurant was on. Dang!

Anyhow, he also suggested I should consider visiting La Moskitia, a pretty interesting part of Honduras and known for a lot of reasons, most recently for a bit of a conflict between Honduras and Nicaragua. I had been watching that space and every research I had done led me to believe visiting La Moskitia was an expensive affair. But I decided to give it one more chance and did a bit of research on logistics.

After a few hours of reading and looking up options, I decided It would be unwise to take that route, especially with the bike given the logistics was going to be pretty complicated and armed conflict was a current affair. Additionally, I couldn’t spot a map of the region either. So I went back to my alternate plans. Seems like I might have to bus parts of the route I am looking at, given the frequent rains and the fact that the road is mostly gravel. Ah well, we’ll see hot that pans out eh.

Route: Trujillo
Distance: 0 km (yay!)
Expenses: SG$ 15.24
Comments: Another of John’s hobbies, snorkelling and diving. And he had a full set of equipment ready to deploy in his garage.

Track Notes