Quick Peek: Muddy Hike. End of the Road. Another day in paradise.

Today John asked me to join him snorkelling, but a email from his friend changed the plans and he asked me if I wanted to hike up a hill to visit a school. I could never say no to a good hike and also it turned out that we were heading to take pictured of a school being built up in a remote community. The funding was thro donations and the pictures would help the team pitch for more donations. Well that’s double reason to get up there.

We rode up thro to the town of Guadalupe for b’fast and headed up into the hills until we hit inclines that the truck wouldn’t climb anymore. We hiked up the muddy road up to the tiny village. I’d say the community was probably Mayan (given that the place was maintained extremely cleanly) and was a quaint village indeed. The walk up was super steep and with the rains, and the water runoff, the roads had these deep ruts and slippery hoof marks that indicated a bit of a good hike up ahead. And we had to spend a good bit of effort going up the hill. Near the top, we were rained on pretty hard too.

The reward was worth while though. The views were stunning looking into the caribbean sea and the little coastal village of Guadalupe by the coast. When we got to the village, the kids in school were excited to see us and hung about the new building posing for pictures. I shot some pictures of the old and new building and we headed back.

John offered to show me the end of the road and his favourite village. We rode down and had to wake up a rickety foot bridge to reach the peninsula and the beach far beyond. The spot was empty, except for the beach as far as the eye could see. Such places are, in my opinion, absolutely stunning. A bit of unspoilt wonderland. And discovering a spot like this makes travelling so much more worthwhile. I sure was lucky to have synced up with John and be able to visit these spots.

We headed back home in the early afternoon and john cooked up some spaghetti with mushroom soup and to be honest, I liked it much. Thought it was a fantastic idea to make spaghetti on the trail. Just buy some powdered soup and make a variety of pasta on the fly. I spent the afternoon listening to more of John’s life stories and playing some board games while watching the sun drown into the Caribbean. It’s going to be hard leaving this spot I reckon.

Route: Trujillo
Distance: 0 km (yay!)
Expenses: SG$ 5.10
Comments: John is an awesome story teller and has tons of interesting snippets from his life that makes the stories rivetting.

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