Quick Peek: Flat road. Overcast Sky. End the day in beach paradise!

I woke up at 5:30 when the Bomberos started to mill about and I packed my stuff up and was ready to leave soon. The sleep in the night was a bit fitful due to the numerous mosquitos and I think I’d prefer to sleep in the cozy confines of my hammock anyway. The Bomberos were super friendly and after an impromptu photoshoot I rode into town for some b’fast.

I had just about 60 km to get to Trujillo and given I had lots of time, I decided to stop for a long b’fast. There was wifi and by the time I got on the road it was almost 7:30. With an overcast sky, I wasn’t bothered too much about the day, it was going to be a quiet one.

The road was fine till the turnoff to Bonito Oriental and I had gotten there in a couple of hours. I stopped for a second hit of food and headed towards Trujillo. This stretch was quieter, with lesser traffic and though the palm plantations continued, they were spread out thinner. I suppose the place I was riding into was a lazy town, though I read that it was historically significant because Christopher Columbus Landed here first in all of Americas. Hmmm.

I got into town around noon and looked for a spot of wifi to contact my host in town. As I was in a cafe, John, my host pulled up in his pickup. He had noticed me riding into town and figured I must be in the main drag, heh. I loaded up my bike in the pickup and we rode almost 10 k’s out of town to his place. He liven on a beautiful patch of beach front and was renting the place from another american Couple Roger and Reva. They were probably the furthest resident foreigners in these parts and it was interesting riding thro the numerous Garifuna communities along the way.

John was super friendly and had inexhaustible stories from his life. He seems to have done so many things during his time that it feels almost impossible to wrap ones head around. Well he made for real good company and I enjoyed listening to his stories a lot. We went out for dinner some place and as we were leaving, the chef asked John if he could drop his girlfriend off at her village. Turned out that her village, Guadelupe, was 10 km and 5 rivers away. heh. When we got there it was night already and we met up with some of John’s friends who pointed out that not many foreigner come up there and definitely none show up at night. I suppose there is some fear in everyone around.

Anyhow, It was great being in this place, a beautiful house, a real quiet place to hangout, great company and an awesome beach! The beach was so beautiful and warm and quiet that even I couldn’t resist going for a dip in it!

Route: Tocoa to Trujillo
Distance: 61 km
Road: Broken Asphalt. Tiny shoulder.
Traffic: Sporadic.
Services: Small shops and restaurants often.
Expenses: SG$ 23.76
Comments: The serene beaches in the inner depth’s of trujillo are what beach paradises are supposed to be.

Track Notes