Quick Peek: Hike. Waterfalls. Super Humidity.

So I decided to stay another night here. There was an awesome Wedding party in the premises with live music too, but I was too knackered to be able to stay up and headed to sleep before 9. Such is the life of a cyclist…

I was up early and had a hit on the B’fast. The food I should say, though expensive, is stunning. My my, they actually use olive oil and fresh veggies here. I enjoyed every morsel I should say and I was already looking forward to dinner. But before that I had to check out the waterfall up in the hills. It was a pretty sight and the hike seemed attractive. I asked around and the friendly staff pointed me in the right direction. Turned out I had to walk back to the Park entrance and the trail started from there.

I first walked up the small village to buy some bread for snack on the trail and headed to the trail head. There was an entrance fee for the park and the old man asked me if I was Honduran. I am a bit of a hypocrite, everyone knows that, I speak a lot about how as a system we cheat and take unfair advantages all the time, but the prospect of saving 6$ was too sweet to pass up. I told the feller I was from Honduras (How one could fall for that, I am not sure) but he let me enter for the local rate of 45 Lem instead of the foreign rate of 160 Lem. Hmmm.

The big draw here seemed to be a bridge over the river Cangrejal. It was one of those cable bridges and after crossing that it was a nice gentle hike into the forest and up and down the hill. I expected it to be difficult, but honestly it was just an hour long hike one way. There were lots of streams along the way and impromptu cascades too. I was hoping to spot some birds in the jungle, but I heard a bunch and not see many. I guess one needs a keen eye for birding. Anyway, since I have entered Honduras, I must say I might have seen at least 30-40 species of birds, many of them during the morning rides. If I had a birding book (Or a resident ecologist like Hannah), it would be nice, but Hannah doesn’t work these parts anymore. heh.

Up at the waterfall, I hung about a while and ate my lunch. I wasn’t tempted to jump in the pool though I was sweating buckets. I guess sometimes, its nice to just sit and watch. The good thing was that there was no one around. I love hikes where I get to meet no one. It’s a nice feeling to be in a forest with just nature for company.

On my way back, I met an american Couple who decided to sell their life in the USofA and migrate to Honduras. Well they picked a stunning spot to live in and they told me about a swimming hole in their property and gave me permission to hop in and use it. Sweet. I got back and scouted the swimming hole. It was a good spot, but the water was murky after the rain yesterday and I decided to take a proper shower back home.

I headed back and decided to cook lunch to save on a few bucks and hung about the rest of the evening enjoying the quiet hospitality on offer. I think I found a good place. A bit expensive on my budget, but to be honest, this place was really alright. The people and the nature around were really awesome.

Route: Hike up to El Bejuco Waterfall
Distance: 9.6 km
Ascent: 432 m
Descent: 407 m
Expenses: SG$ 46.64
Comments: A good hike is a fantastic alternative to biking.

Track Notes